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Friday, November 18, 2016

Kimbra's K9 Crunchies!

Kimbra's K9 Crunchies

Guess who our new friend is? Kimbra from K9 Crunchies!

Dante and Ziva are generally snobs when it comes to dog treats..if it's not cheese, freeze dried or meat jerky they really aren't into it. Crunchy treats don't normally hold much appeal to these guys. UNTIL NOW. 

Human Grade Ingredients.
Kimbra's K9 Crunchies are made with fresh human grade ingredients, they contain no soy, no wheat, no GMO's and no preservatives. I think the dogs are convinced that these are in fact human goodies that they are getting to partake in.

"Give me more Dad!"
Recall Practice
Dante is in fact so enthusiastic about these treats that I've taken to carrying them around in my back pocket when we're working on our property so that I can reward him when we practice his recall. Recall is something we practice regularly, having no fences it's important for us to keep the pups close by, and giving them incentive to run to me when called is even better. 

Coconut Carob Baked Treats.
His favorite flavor so far are the Coconut Carob treats. One thing you'll notice about all of Kimbra's K9 Crunchies is that the ingredient list is very short - something we look for when picking out our treats. These are also local Oregon ingredients!

Our Favorite Things About the Coconut Carob Treats?
  • These treats are small squares so I don't feel guilty giving the dogs a whole piece, and if I want to I can easily break them in half.
  • They hold their shape nicely so I can put them in my pocket without digging out mountains of crumbs later on when we're done training.
  • They leave my hands clean (minus the dog drool).
  • They last a long time and aren't stinky!
  • We love supporting our local small businesses - thanks Kimbra!
  • Being made with human grade ingredients, you could try one out yourself if you really wanted to!

"#SorryNotSorry Dante, I'm not sharing!"
Support Local Small Businesses this Holiday Season.
Now we're lucky that Kimbra's K9 Crunchies is a local Southern Oregon business, but she is also online and can ship to you if you would like to try some goodies yourself. We think these treats would make for fabulous stocking stuffers for your favorite fur friends!

You can find her online on her Facebook page -

Or her personal website to place an order -

Thank you Kimbra!

"More please!"

100% Dz Dog Approval!

"There are no affiliate links on our blog, we do not get paid for getting you to click on anything - so feel free to click away unhindered! We received these treats in exchange for an honest review. Dz Dogs only supports products that we love and have tried."


  1. I like that those treats don't have egg in them. 1 of my dogs can't have eggs, so I don't give treats with eggs to anyone

    1. Hooray another treat to add to your list of okays!

  2. Those are the good kind of crunches!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Hello! We are so excited to be your gift buddies! Mom has been out of town, so we are a bit behind. Please email her at scottieshenanigans@gmail dot com and let us know what you like, what's off limits, and more about you! Can't wait to hear from you!
    Braeden, Seth and Riley


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