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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Beware the Ninja!

Under Cover Ninja!

Dante's most favoritist game in the ENTIRE world is to play tug. He'll drive you crazy if it means that he can get a quick game in. In fact sometimes I'll be standing outside minding my own business and then boom! A slobbery toy knocks me in the legs...

Yup, that's the one..

When we first adopted Dante all we did was play tug, and we realized the game seemed to be wearing us out more than it was him. And he didn't play fetch.
One day the hubby saw a golden opportunity, fetch and tug! He took Dante's kong toy, dropped a natural rope through the hole and tied it off!

BOOM! Tug and fetch was born!  

Dante learned really quickly that if he wanted to tug - he had to bring the toy back. Thus our new game began, and it is definitely his favorite.

With our recent injuries (My Big Brindle Baby HERE) and the fact that we don't have a fence (We've Moved! HERE). We haven't been playing very much, sad to say. And the poor pups have been getting a bit cabin feverish!

Good news though, Dante's pad is all healed up! Poor Ziva on the other paw however, is still dealing with that darn nail. We just saw the dogtor and he thinks that she might have a yeast/bacterial infection under the nail so we've begun a round of antibiotics to see if it will heal up on it's own. Here's to hoping!

So what that means for her is no ball playing, she simply plays too hard. She runs way faster when a ball is involved and she digs into the dirt hard spinning and twirling to snag it in motion as it bounces on the ground. That being said though we're letting her manage her own pace and allowing her to play with Dante, they are so wonderful together!

Pssst....I'll let you in on a little secret...

She won't play tug with Dz Dog Dad or me!

Only Dante gets the honor of being her tug partner. Isn't she a great sister!
Dante of course loves it! The only downer to this little arrangement is that while she is tugging her little OCD brain is also sawing away wholeheartedly trying to dis-attach the rope from the kong! Naughty puppy.. Because second to playing ball for her is total toy destruction!

And for that, she's earned her title of "Under Cover Ninja!"

Look out Dante! She's coming for that rope!


  1. I hope that Ziva's nail heals. Does it have to be covered or left as is

    1. We're back to soaking it, spraying it with bactine, slathering it in neosporin and then wrapping it. She only leaves the bandage on if i'm around though, she rips it off as soon as I leave. LoL


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