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Monday, July 11, 2016

Suspicious Eyes.

"Private Eyes, Are Watching You, 
They See Your Every Move..."
*I know you sang that line in your head.*

Dante and Ziva have really been great throughout this whole move, they've made Dz Dog Dad and myself super proud!

They are learning to be flexible in their environments, for example eating in different locations a.k.a. "not home". Although we've now got a consistent routine back for them. Being left behind at our new home is another new thing they've been dealing with- so far no returning separation anxiety *paws crossed on this one!*

And meeting tons of new people!

"You did say, 'play' right?"
Both Dante and Ziva are VERY human friendly, however they don't like what I call "suspicious people"... we're working on it. Ziva is much better than Dante at ignoring weird looks. However my goal is to get them BOTH to get better at ignoring people who aren't interacting with us.

Dante's Signs You Are a Suspicious Person...
  • If you close your car door and I can't see you.
  • If I can hear your car coming up the driveway but can't see the car.
  • Walking around the car.
  • Gas attendants without dog treats.
    • Very suspicious, why can't they get a hint from Dutch Bros and other coffee shops.
  • Peeking at me from behind objects.
  • Sideways glancing.
  • Not emitting friendly signals and gazes in my direction.
    • See "sideways glancing". Ignore me or love me, don't look at me funny.
Suspicious People's Will Be "BOOFED" at Upon Notice.  "Don't think I don't see you..."

Having scoped out dog friendly stores and locations in our area I think it's time for some training trips! Our local home improvement stores are on my list for taking the dogs, we'll probably spend 20 - 30 min just walking around and working on their obedience training and manners.

Wish me luck! Their training has become a little lax with our recent move and we definitely need to brush up!

Do you have any local stores you take your dogs to?


  1. Good job Dante & Ziva. We don't have many places that allow dogs near us, unless it's a {etsmart or some other form of pet supply place.

  2. We are people doggies too. We can just smell a suspicious person cuz that's what dogs do!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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