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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Protein Bars For Dogs!

Wellness Core
Superfood Protein Bars!

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Chewy struck a home run yet again! This month we received a spectacularly smelly package of protein bars for Dante and Ziva. Smelly you ask? Oh yes! Deliciously smelly because they are made with whole ingredients and fish!

Smile if you like to eat healthy!
Salmon, whitefish, peas, gelatin, vegetable glycerin, flaxseed, broccoli, carrots, dried cultured skim milk, natural flavor, cane molasses, salt, pomegranates, mixed tocopherols to preserve freshness, and rosemary extract.

In case you haven't tried Wellness Pet Food, they are a U.S company that believes in healthy and "authentic" ingredients containing only whole foods, with no corn/wheat/soy/preservatives/artificial colors or flavors.

The Wellness Difference - click HERE to read more about it.
According to their company the, "Wellness Difference is about being more than natural. And it's not about what it left out - no fillers or artificial ingredients - these are a given for us. True Wellness is about what we put in - a small number of simple, pure, authentic ingredients. We beleive this is the way to make superior food for our animals...The Wellness Difference means every ingredient has a purpose in every food we make."

Being exercise junkies, we play hard and want to make sure Dante & Ziva receive the best food and calories that we can get. No junk food, or empty calories for us! Every calorie counts!

Want to be healthy? Eat healthy and exercise is the simple answer. I wish I had someone to watch over me when those cookies or donuts call my name.

These protein bars are nice large bars that you can either feed whole for a treat after a hike or tiring swim (each bar is 21 calories) or you can easily break them apart for smaller bite sized training treats. 

Each bag is 5.5 ounces, normally priced at $9.19 at you can purchase Wellness Core Superfood Protein Bars at these treats are currently on sale for $6.54.

Ziva modeling the whole bar for you!

100% Dz Dog Approved!!

Located in sunny Florida, is dedicated to customer service and pet happiness!

They offer top of the line brands of pet food, treats, and supplies. Super fast shipping, 24 hour customer service and hassle free returns!

Chewy; here to make pet happiness happen. Blog Hop Badge

Thank you Chewy!


  1. We use Chewy for some things. I wouldn't mind trying those bars on my dogs. I see they don't have eggs, or at least the ingredients you posted say no eggs and no poultry. We have a dog that has allergies to certain things

    1. Yup that's correct! Dante has a chicken allergy so we stick to fish stuff. :-)

  2. Great review! We've looked at these treats before, but haven't tried them. I think they'd be a nice addition to our training treat stock. Meadow does well with larger treats that she can nibble on during training sessions. Helps keep her focused!


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