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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Southern Oregon!

The Saga Continues..

For those of you following our story, and to update any new readers - we did it! I finally made the move to Southern Oregon with the pups to be with Dz Dog Dad.

In case you missed it, we had to move due to Dz Dad's job, but we're in this weird situation where we are purchasing land to build a home so we're kind of in limbo. 

While we wait for our property to close (hopefully it will be finalized in August!) I've been helping my parents do demolition on my grandparents old house (don't worry they got a brand new one!), and Dz Dog Dad has been living in our trailer on a friend's property in Southern Oregon. Living so far apart hasn't been fun for anyone, but the demo is nearly done on my grandparents property so I made the move to be closer to the hubby again. We missed him! And only seeing him on weekends really sucked, either he would drive up to help out on the house demolition, or I would drive down to see him.

But now we're together again as a family! And we're finding a lot of cool new places to take the dogs. *Traveling With Large Dogs HERE*

This week we've been spending time with some of my extended family in the area, Dante and Ziva love it and they are making new friends!

This is Fancy, she's a senior Blue Heeler mix. I remember her when she was just a cute little pup! She sticks like glue to my grandma's side, super smart and one of the best behaved dogs I've met with zero formal training. According to my grandma she flunked out of obedience school though i'm not sure I believe it!

When she was just a pup we called her "Fancy Pants" and the name stuck, she's a gorgeous brown/blue/gray marbled color with brown eyes that are different shades of brown. A true farm dog, she protects the pigs and chickens that they have currently and one time she got into a fight with two loose dogs that came on the property killing chickens - she sent them both home crying and came out of it without a scratch! But in her leisure you can find her on the couch, wherever grandma goes Fancy goes.

Jasmine is another cousin, she likes to chase whatever dog is running. At first Ziva wasn't sure what to think of the little white bullet chasing her down but she quickly realized that her ball wasn't in danger, just her butt! *Silly herding dogs.*  Here's a shot of Jasmine and Ziva, Jaz doesn't stay still for long. She's a Mini Aussie/Border Collie mix.

This is Baloo (yes, as in from the Jungle Book) he's a rather large Mini Aussie. He isn't so much into the games, but he loves to bark at anyone who is running and chasing!

Have a great Thursday!!
We are thankful for our wonderful family we're enjoying spending time with!, pet centric


  1. Fancy,Jasmine & Baloo are all adorable. Yay for making new friends

  2. Those are some big changes for everyone and it will be awhile before you have your new normal. Hang in there!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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