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Monday, February 23, 2015

Snow What?!

Spring Is Here?

I've gotta admit, i'm a little jealous!! Everyone else has snow but us! I was looking forward to our first season of skijoring, nope no snow..I was looking forward to snowshoeing because we had sooo much fun last year, nope no snow...

Just lots of sunshine!! *insert evil laugh..* HAHAHA!

Phooey! Oh well... Anyways, here are some flash back's to last year's wonderful cold whiteness!


  1. Gotta love the sunshine, though, right!?! :D

  2. I'm not sure I'd want the kind of snow others are getting right now. It's in the 60s today, cloudy, and rainy and I am cold! Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the cold, or what I consider to be cold - but I don't think I'd find it that fun to go outside and have my lungs burn. ;)

    P.S. - Really love their jackets!

  3. I'm ready for a trade! Send me some sunshine and I'll send you some snow, haha!

  4. Be careful what you wish's only February!

  5. We had been lucky with sunshine & fairly mild temps until last week when we started getting freezing rain. Now it's snow. Ok for a few days, but I'm ready for Spring!


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