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Monday, February 9, 2015

Our First Award!

An Award? For Us?
Thank you!

We are very honored to have been chosen for this Liebster Award by our good friends over at Walks With Rama!


By accepting this award we agree to answer 11 questions given to us by the blogger who nominated us, as well as list 11 random facts about us/our blog. We must then nominate 3-11 bloggers that have less than 3000 followers and provide 11 questions for them to answer.

11 Questions Rama's Mama asked us:

1.   What is your ultimate vision for your blog and has it changed since you started?   I started this blog as a way to chronicle our journey and all the fun adventures we go on with our dogs. I think I want my blog to just continue as is, I write about what is on my mind, what we are learning, and provide tips that I feel help other dog owners. Ultimately I want this blog to be a valuable resource for my readers regarding dog behavior, and a fun place for people to be inspired to get more involved with their dogs in all that they do.

2.   If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?  If I could do anything in the world, I would want to be making a living while working with dogs. THAT WOULD BE UTTERLY HEAVEN! I would love it if I could bring Dante and Ziva to work with me, I've been trying to convince my boss that a dog bed would fit nicely under my desk but so far no luck.

3.   What is your blogging routine? Same place? Same time? My blogging routine varies, I squeeze it in as much as I can. I try to first catch up with comments, then hit my reader and comment on other blogger's pages, and then try to get my post out. Right now with me finishing up school I have a hard time dedicated a specific time to blogging.    

4.   Does your dog have a favorite treat?   
 Oh yes! Dante would say, "Cheese! More Cheese!" He loves cheddar cheese best, but mozzarella is also a wonderful thing. Ziva also loves cheese but she much prefers a nice tasty piece of chicken! I call her my little piranha baby because although she is gentle with taking treats she has these beautiful sharp little teeth that always make me check my fingers when I get them back. During agility if she gets really excited she tends to take treats a bit rougher and that can hurt. Dante and Ziva also love haunting me while i'm cooking, they have a rug they like to lay on because it gives them a competitive advantage - they get to pretend they aren't begging by lying there and waiting for things to hit the floor.    And trust me...I drop a lot!  
Our Groundbird Pack!

5.   What is your favorite pet product? Favorite pet product by a long shot is our Backpack from Groundbird Gear, go check them out! They are custom made, by a wonderful lady here in the U.S. she does thru hiking and is very careful about weight distribution, proper fit, and making sure the packs are super durable and don't chafe. Dante's favorite pet product though would have to be his Kong, and Ziva loves a good old tennis ball.  

6.   What do you like most about your blog? I love that I have a working chronicle of what we have done, tons of fun pictures, and I can see how much we've improved in different areas. For example, Dante - his picky eating and allergy issues, we got those figured out! Crate training - done! Ziva eating her bed...well we'll see but I think she's almost ready to try again!

7.   If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? This is hard, I love Oregon we have mountains, desert, forest wilderness, ocean beaches, lakes, rivers, lots of hiking...I would probably stay here but move to Bend Oregon. Bend has more variation than the Willamette Valley which is where we are now. Their hot's are hotter, and colds are colder. I hate all the foggy grayness we get here every year. However having driven across the US I have got to say Tennessee was another favorite state, it was absolutely gorgeous with rolling hills and windy rivers. My only problem is that I'm not a fan of big bugs. 

8.   Are you a neat-freak or slightly cluttered? I used to be a neat-freak, now i'm a broken down neat-freak. I've given up! Two dogs, two cats, dirt getting tracked in all the time...I do my best but try not to stress out over mud and hair anymore. I keep telling myself it'll get better.

9.   Will you be attending the Blogpaws 2015 convention? Sadly no, not this year but i'd like to go in the future! Maybe 2016 will be our year!

10.   What is one of your favorite things to do? I love to just be outside, the hubby used to joke that it was time to, "Walk the wife." So hiking with the dogs is definitely a favorite, I like going where there is little to no traffic so that I can just enjoy being outside and relax in the peace of it all.

11.   Do you have an unusual hobby? Oh yes! The hubby and I love to make our own infused alcohol! I love the European lifestyle, a glass of wine with every meal would be perfect but I also love making my own margarita's, cosmos, and other random fruity creations. We're purists, everything is high quality, and no drink mixers. We press our own juice for the drinks, muddle when necessary, shake or blend, and just generally life is a party at our house! We keep telling Dante though that he has to wait until he's 21 - he seems to think we should share even though I keep telling him he's too young. I also love to bake!  Alton Brown is my inspiration, I love his recipes.

11 Random Facts about Us!

1.   Dante & Ziva are not scared of lightning, thunder, fireworks, or gun shots. We can't take any credit, we didn't teach them anything - it's just never bothered them!

2.   Dante loves to play with empty paper towel rolls!

3.   I have a betta on my desk at work, his name is Sammy.

4.  I'm a huge fan of old Jazz standards, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr., Frank Sinatra, and Bing Crosby are some of my favorites! I also love watching Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis shows.

5.  Before we had Dante and Ziva the hubby and I did kitty rescue, we had permission from our apartment manager to work on the kitty population in our complex. The hubby and I all on our own, spayed and released the feral cats in our area - the kittens that we caught and the tame kitties we found loving homes for. In total I think we helped 15 cats.

6.  Ziva - is Hebrew for radiant and bright, we though it was a perfect name for her because when we first saw her she was smiling.

7.  Dante - means steadfast and enduring. I loved the name personally because it is a strong name, the hubby loves it because it is a favorite book character - Edmund Dante from the Count of Monte Cristo.

8.   Ziva hates riding up front in the car, I think she hates car rides in general. She gets in just fine then immediately lays down for the whole ride.

9.   My sister used to stay with us about 1-2 times a month and the dogs got used to sleeping with her, now they think that they get to sleep with any guest who spends the night.

10.  We are huge Walking Dead and Dr. Who fans!

11.   When Ziva gets annoyed during training, she'll click her teeth at me. If i'm ignoring her and listening to our instructor during agility then she'll flop onto her back and look at me upside down with all her legs straight up in the air. She's such a drama queen!

Here are our nominees! In no particular order:

Kelly's Dog Blog - Jedi the German Shepard

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Tiffany's Diamond Dogs

Groundbird Gear Blog

Here are our Questions for the nominees! 

1.   What is your most memorable trip with your dogs?
2.   If you could take your dogs anywhere in the world where would you go?
3.   What is is that attracted you to your dog's particular breed if anything?
4.   What is your favorite pet product?
5.   Does your dog sleep with you? On their own bed? Crate? Kennel? Couch?
6.   What is the purpose of your blog? And has it changed since you first began writing?
7.   How would you describe your personality?
8.   What is your favorite doggy game?
9.   What is your number one talent that sets you apart from the rest of your "pack"?
10.  What is your ultimate dream come true?
11.  Does your dog have a favorite treat or toy?

Should you accept this award, you'll need to know the rules, which are:

1. Acknoledge and accept the Liebster Award by leaving a comment on the blog where you were nominated.
2. Copy & Paste the Liebster logo onto your own blog.
3. Link back to the blogger who awarded you.
4. Answer the 11 questions given to you.
5. List 11 facts about yourself.
6. Nominate and link to 3 - 11 other blogs you love that have less than 3000 followers.
7. List 11 questions for your Award nominees on your blog.
8. Inform your nominees by leaving a comment on your blog.
9. Post the rules to be followed!

I can't wait to see what everyone has to say!


  1. Congrats on your award! Nice to learn more about you! We love the Bend area too and often go to the coast in the warmer summer months.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Oh fun! Hit me up when you come around, we'd love for an excuse to drive out and meet you! :-) Dante and Ziva love the beach!

  2. I can't find your email addy, but oy vey! The stick story you told me! So glad your dog's okay. Cole has scraped me walking with his sticks and I have worried about the running with sticks thing. Thanks so much for sharing the story.
    LeeAnna and Cole the poodle at not afraid of color

    1. The addy is at the top of the page on the right. :-)
      I always knew to be careful with sticks, poor silly girl though she was having soo much fun! That is until we ended up at the vets office.

  3. Congrats on your award and how cool that you make your own infused alcohol! Fruity creations sound good! :)

    1. If you're ever in our area swing by and I'll make you something! ;-) *cheers!

  4. congrats on your award. I loved getting to know you and the dogs a bit more personally.

  5. Awesome! Loved reading all your answers and fun facts! Thanks for the nomination, I am working on my post now!

  6. Thanks for nominating my blog :) I'm not going to be able to continue the chain tho. I'll answer a few of your questions here. Most memorable trip with Coop was our backpacking trip in the Wind River Range in WY. I'll have to make a memory post about that hike sometime: it was a couple of years ago and I was just starting to prototype the packs. I had a "vision" of a black and white medium sized mutt with "one ear up." We thought his name would be Baxter. We prayed for him and God provided in accordance with the vision! But he was no Baxter!!! Jeff and Cooper like to play a game where Jeff "challenges" Cooper and they both start barking and sideways starring. Boys can play rough! Yep, Cooper sleeps in the bed this time of year bc it is so cold. He often gets overheated tho and takes breaks by going to his bed on the floor. We call him "the dog warmer." Thanks Aavery :)


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