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Friday, February 20, 2015

Lookout Point Reservoir

Lookout Point Reservoir, 
Lane County Oregon

We found a great new place to take the pups!!

Hubby has recently taken up trail running, he loves it, it gets him outside to enjoy the weather rain or shine, he gets his exercise in, and he can decompress from the day to day stresses that in our life consist mainly of work.
One of the trails we hit.

Sometimes he takes a dog or two, but this can be kind of tricky being that he run's on trails that are usually one person wide. 

One dogs means he can Canicross. He wrote an awesome guest post about Canicrossing, you should check it out!

Well recently he decided to take the car a bit farther than he normally does and sure enough he wasn't disappointed, he found a great new place to take our pups!

Right now this particular reservoir is low, in preparation for the rainy season. Don't worry it'll hit us - this reservoir is backup to prevent flooding. By Summer time the reservoir will be completely full, we are never short of water!

So yesterday we got home from work, packed up the dogs and hit the road! I dropped hubby and Dante off at a trail head about 5.5 miles from the lake parking lot and they took off Canicross style!

Meanwhile Ziva and I decided to go on a hiking adventure in the reservoir, play fetch, and work on her off-leash manners.

See the tree line on the left? The water will reach that point at it's highest!
Of course Ziva is a gem off-leash! She stays right by my side, the whole time. And since I could see so far in all directions I felt pretty good about throwing her ball a long ways! We also had fun getting up onto all the stumps and logs. A reservoir really is a different kind of beautiful.

After their run Dante and daddy met back up with us.

Tons of room!

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  1. That looks so awesome and fun! My girls would love to explore that!

  2. Wow - what's with all the tree stumps? Cool but a little spooky place.

    1. It's a man-made reservoir created in 1953 so they logged it first I believe and then constructed the dam from their. :-) Definitely a bit eery but oh so beautiful at the same time!

  3. That looks like a lovely plan to run. Lucky dogs!

  4. Looks awesome for hiking around and playing. Sadly, we can't be trusted off leash, but we would still have fun sniffin' along on a nice hike.

  5. Looks very peaceful! Perfect location for off-leash practice! I'm now headed over to your post about Canicross ~ looking forward to learning about this one.

  6. What a cool place. I noticed the tree stumps too. :) I wondered if they died off as the place flooded.

  7. Wow, that looks like a wonderful place! Me and Stanley run with our pawrents every Friday for 6 miles.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  8. For information: lookout point reservoir will not be filled this year because the army corps of engineers are performing maintenance on the spill way. This means we are going to have this place all summer!


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