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Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Tree Farm

It's Beginning to Feel 
A Lot Like Christmas!

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! We certainly did!

In the morning daddy took the pups out for a trail run with my mom, they did a total of 8 miles in the soggy wet mud and pouring down rain. Everyone came back happy, successful and tired. The dogs of course were covered head to toe in mud and needed an immediate bath.

Thanks to their pre-dinner exercise they were calm and very polite when all of our guests arrived.

On black Friday we did lots of snuggling including a long nap, Dante slept snuggled up to my back and Ziva slept on my feet.

On Sunday we decided we should go and get our tree!

I have always enjoyed picking out and cutting my own tree, this is something I grew up doing and after I got married I wanted to keep it as a tradition. The hubby grew up in a home where due to allergy issues/mess they kept artificial trees. So ever since we were married in 2009 we have picked out our own tree, their was one year however where we ran - literally across the street from our apartment, bought a tree from a lot, and then ran it back across the road and up two flights of stairs! That was pretty funny.

A couple years ago we discovered a wonderful little family owned farm in our area that has both pre-cut and u-cut trees. They also make their own wreaths either pre-done or made-to-order, have grass fed hormone free beef, pigs, chicken, and lamb meat cuts/sausages for sale.
This is our 3rd year visiting the farm, they even let you bring your dogs!

This is the Christmas Shop
It's like magic...
as soon as you pull in you see a beautifully decorated barn, Christmas Shop, and the smell of caramel popcorn, farm fresh brauts, sizzling cinnamon sugar fryjoes, homemade spiced apple cider, and freshly cut trees.

All of which hits your nose like a Christmas Steamroller!
This farm is a ton of fun!
They have tractors that loop around pick people up, drop you off to pick up your tree (different areas for different tree species), when you are done you wait by the road and they pick you up and bring you back. They have shaker/balers for you to get your tree home easy, and a giant campfire to warm your toes up.

Due to time constraints and the fact that it was freezing out!
This year due to holiday busy-ness we decided to go for the charlie brown tree, we ended up picking out a little 4 foot tree to take home as well as a beautiful wreath - pics to come soon!

"Can we go now mom? I'm freezing!!"
Here are some more pictures from our awesome holiday weekend!

Dante's attempt at being a pointer!
Puppy in motion!
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  1. They're so cute! I'm glad you guys had an awesome Thanksgiving and I totally relate to muddy dogs and immediate baths, lol!! I'd love to have a real tree but my husband has allergies, so we have a fake one.

    1. I've seen some really cool fake trees that look real! :-)

  2. Great pics! And a reminder to get my humans to put up their tree!

  3. Pawsome! We have the same tradition & always cut our own christmas tree at a local christmas tree farm, pups in tow, of course ;-)

    1. We love supporting our local farms! And it is soo much fun to bring the dogs! :-)


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