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Monday, December 29, 2014

Pet Blogger Exchange

Taco & Dot

Have you heard of CorgiPants? If not then you should go take a look! This year is my first year participating in the 3rd Annual Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange of 2014 hosted by Something Wagging This Way Comes. 

Thanks to this exchange I was matched with a gal named Jenna who has two lovely dogs; Taco and Dot. Looking back through her archive she's been blogging since 2007! Boy does that make me feel behind. 

First off meet Jenna - apparently she loves turkeys and collects them year round and shows them off for thanksgiving. Happy Turkey Day! What a cool thing to collect! On top of that she loves quilting, and seems very creative with her hands preferring to make her own fun projects like dog beds, leashes, and toys (to name just a few).

Jenna began her blog CorgiPants with her dearly beloved Sully who sadly is no longer with us. Turns out though that he is a lot like Ziva! He was adopted out of a rescue and had some fear reactive issues with other dogs thanks to his background. Thanks to her hard work, counter conditioning, and agility training she was able to build up his self confidence and she saw huge improvements in his behavior.

Sully the Corgi

Meet Dot! Dot is a beautiful Brittany who was adopted in January of 2013. Dot is an agility and obedience champ, who also does some scent work! Dot is also working as a Therapy Dog, in fact just a few weeks ago she visited some University students during finals week to help bring down student stress levels. I wish she visited my school during finals! What a wonderful way to encourage students!

Dot the Brittany
Next Meet Taco! Taco is a beautiful lab pibble mix who back in November of 2013 passed his Canine Good Citizen Test! Way to go Taco! Jenna is a wonderfully dedicated mom, not only is Dot working but Taco is also learning some canine Rally, Agility, and scent work for fun.

I don't know how she fits it all into her schedule but it sounds like a blast!

This is a wonderful and fun blog! I love the enthusiasm and positive pet training involved in working with these dogs as well as the helpful health tips and treat reviews.

And Jenna herself is an inspiration with all the sports she involves her dogs in and the volunteer hours she puts in with different groups, she seems to have a big heart for helping people and sharing the love of her dogs. 

I'm looking forward to following the stories and adventures of Taco & Dot!

Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange


  1. So fun, thanks so much! It was so great meeting you through your blog, I love knowing others who are as into their dogs as I am. :)

  2. Thanks for such a lovely gift for Jenna and her pups at Corgi Pants. Isn't it amazing how many great blogs we can follow just to meet a few more all the time?

    So glad you joined the Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange!

    1. It was fun! We're looking forward to doing it again!

  3. I just checked out Jenna's Corgi Pants blog and enjoyed meeting a new fellow blogger. I look forward to revisiting her site and reading more soon.


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