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Monday, December 22, 2014

Pit Bulls are Terrible Family Pets

All the Reasons Pit Bulls are bad dogs.
*A satire.*

Thank you Dr. Laura for opening my mind. Pit Bulls are terrible creatures, they are unfriendly, scary to look at, no one likes them, and they are a waste of valuable space.

I mean look at them! They take up all the space! What a waste...

The whole couch in fact, and if that isn't enough..your lap too!
They eat a ton of food. Food that could be going to other dogs as Dr. Laura pointed out when she visited a local shelter, "all this money donated is going to feed pit bulls, so I don't feel like giving money."
He's drooling, see his shiny lip? What a scammer.

Look at this beggar.
Think of all the starving dogs in the world, pit bulls don't need to be fed they just beg for food because they are selfish. Really they can survive on air and light alone.

Pit bulls are scary - people cross the street when they see you coming. Go adopt a cute dog. Or as Dr. Laura stated, "don't walk around with a pit bull, no one will talk to you."

My what big teeth you have!  - "The better to eat you with my dear!"
A comment I will never forget from a stranger, "If you put two pit bulls together they'll fight. They can't be trusted."

Pibble playtime!
No dogs were harmed in the taking of these pictures. They really do play this way!  And we supervise to keep it controlled.
"Pit Bulls are overly aggressive, they were bred that way and are different from other dogs."

Yup, aggressive. She hates other dogs, can you tell?

"Pit bulls are natural killers, they can't help it that's just how they are. All Pit Bulls are dangerous."

Ziva's soon to be snack.

Keep that dog away from that child!
Careful kid! She might take off your whole hand!

As I hope you can see. Pit Bulls are terrible creatures. They are stubborn, love the mud and yet are prissy about the rain, they are bed hogs, couch hogs, fighters, terrible around other dogs, bad with small animals, will kill children, and will definitely turn on you in an instant.

And yet, I couldn't imagine my life without them.

The hubby and I often joke that Dante is a wise old man reincarnated as a young vibrant dog, when he looks into your eyes he sees your soul. He is loving, holds no ill will towards man or beast, and just wants to play and be loved.
Ziva is our princess, she is a bit less confident than Dante but she is growing in personality and character every day. Dante for all his energy is a better snuggler, he's either "ON" or "OFF". Ziva loves hugs, she enjoys giving high fives, and sitting in your lap on the couch but she gets too hot for full on body snuggles so she prefers to sleep at your feet.

We work hard with our dogs, YES pit bull terrier have "terrier" in them - this mean they have a natural prey drive for small animals. Terrier breeds were bred for hunting, that is just the way it goes. This doesn't mean that they are incapable of learning however. As you can see, Ziva adopted a foster kitten we had over the summer. Foster Kitty Story HERE  And both dogs live indoors with our two cats, they are often left unsupervised for hours at a time and have never attempted to harm the cats. The cats on the other hand have swatted and made sure the dogs know their place in the home. The cats rule over all of course.

Our dogs have never bitten anyone, and would never bite us. This doesn't mean they are incapable of biting - all dogs are capable of biting but no dog will bite without provocation.

It is thanks to people like Dr. Laura that breed stigmas and stereotypes exist, it is the same thing as racism and why breed specific legislation (BSL) is still in place around the country. What is BSL?

On December 15th, a mere 10 days before Christmas in a segment entitled "Ways to Fight Loneliness" radio talk show host, Dr. Laura Schlessinger, shared the following on LIVE airwaves:

"If you're out with a Rottweiler, nobody will talk to you. Take a cute pet for a walk."

Dr. Laura also visited a shelter and there were about 95% Pit Bulls type dogs and Pit mixes. On a good note, thanks to her nasty remarks outrage was sparked in the animal community. Many are calling for her removal from the air and thanks to mounting pressure some sponsors are dropping her show.

"I know this is gonna get somebody angry but I think they should all be put down. First of all, they were taking up space and nobody was going to adopt them. That's why they were all there; people were getting rid of them."

"Don't walk around with a pit bull. Nobody will talk to you."

Please do not visit her website - we don't want her to have any traffic. This video was recorded and posted to via a listener.

Dr. Laura is just another example of a blabbering idiot, who rather than being educated chose to spew untruths. She could have done a lot of good by supporting local shelters, donating money to help dogs/cats in need, and being the animal lover she otherwise claims to be. She could have chosen to address why their are soo many dog in the shelters: animal over breeding, backyard breeders, animal hoarders, puppy mills, and irresponsible owners who should never had gotten a dog in the first place. She could have addressed that "Pit Bull's" do not exist. It is just a broad term for a body type, she could have addressed many things but she chose to be ignorant, uneducated, mean, and hateful instead.

Please show your support and love of ALL DOGS through social media, she has a Facebook page and twitter handle.
Her twitter handle is @drlauraprogram many people are using the hashtag #whydoyouwantmedead and posting pictures of their beloved pets.

And Please, please educate yourself and those around you about the truth about Pit Bulls. 

History of Bully Breeds - American Pit Bull Terrier Origins

More truth about Pit Bulls Please visit these wonderful pages for an inside look at the breed.

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Pit Bull Myths: "It's How They're Raised" - The Lazy Pit Bull
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  1. Wow, that woman is awful!!! Your dogs are so cute and I love pit bulls! I would rather work with one of them than some other breeds! No joke. I can't believe the ignorance of some people!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I was pretty upset at first but was pretty happy with all the media slamming she has gotten since her remarks. :-)

  2. If it were true the people leave you alone when you walk around with a pit bull, I would go out and get two of them tomorrow. Sometimes I just want people to leave me the F alone!

    1. It seems like you wouldn't have a problem being bothered with a giant german shepard...guess people still want to say hi?

  3. According to a border collie I know, Pitts make great nanny dogs and can be some of the most loving dogs.

    1. Definitely! Ziva was a great kitten nanny once we got passed her prey drive in the beginning. I've found that my pibbles make the best snuggle dogs who are also perfect for hiking and adventures!


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