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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

In times of turmoil it is important to remember what is really important in your life and to be grateful for what you have.
My wish for you is that this holiday season you can just let go of the political, economic, and social turmoil that may be infecting your life and instead concentrate on the wonderful aspects. At least for a short period of time, and re-center your soul to the love and life around you.

I'll start...
This Thanksgiving I am hosting my family at my home, it is my first time hosting and I'm very excited!

I am thankful for my wonderful family...I'm thankful for those who are here and those who are here in spirit this holiday season. My younger sister who is in California this year and my other younger sister who is studying abroad in France they both will be missed but we are sending our love and puppy kisses!

Dante and auntie.

I am thankful for my parent's/in-laws support when I need a puppy sitter last min. It is wonderful to be able to call someone and ask for help.

I am thankful for cold wet puppy noses, Dante and Ziva love to jam their nose in odd places and try to sneak in a giant wet tongued kiss when you're not looking - they like to remind you that their love in unending.

I'm thankful for a dog who although can by trying - is constantly pushing me to learn more about dog behavior and training techniques. Ziva makes me work hard but I'm not going to give up!
I am grateful for warm doggy snuggles...I love my bully babies and our regular curl up and snuggle times.

My challenging child. She's such a rebel, can't you tell?

I am thankful for dog walks - even though sometimes it can be stressful when the puppy has a moment of the "crazies" towards another dog we have so far run into great people. Just today in fact we ran into a lady, Ziva had her moment of crazy and I asked the woman to hang around and let Ziva get past it. Thankfully she did and we had a great conversation about dogs, dog body language, and doggy complexes. Ziva calmed down, and became inquisitive towards the other dog and we walked away with her in a better frame of mind (we aren't to a point where she can greet yet, but calm and collected is a step in the right direction!).

I am thankful for my loving boy, who is one of the most willing and sensitive souls I have ever met.

I am thankful for a wonderful hubby who helps maintain consistent training and exercise routines with the pups.

I am thankful for all the wonderful people I have run into through blogging, the communities that pull together to help each other in times of need, and the wonderful rescues and foster families who save the lives of dogs and cats on a regular and much needed basis.

And I am very grateful for you guys! For following my blog, supporting my writing and encouraging me to continue to grow and write.

We love your comments!
Can you tell us what you might be thankful for this holiday season?



  1. What a sweet post! We are thankful for all our bloggie friends, our family and our loving home!

  2. Thankful I don't have to cook ;) Good luck with your family dinner!

    1. Thanks Slim! I love cooking, so I just have to hope the turkey turns out..I've never cooked a turkey. :-)

  3. Beautiful sentiments - I am thankful for so much. I too will host my family tomorrow and I can't wait to sit among the people and pets that I adore spending time with. Happy Holidays...

  4. How beautiful post! I'm also very thankful that i have met so much wonderful blogs through blog hops :-)

  5. What a wonderful list! I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow. :)

  6. Great post. Happy Thanksgiving! *wags*


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