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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Frigid Oregon

Black & White Sunday

On Friday night my mom spent the night at our house, the dogs of course were ecstatic! In the morning she introduced us to a beautiful new place for walking that I think we'll start frequenting.

Dante ran with my mom for 8 miles and did great while Ziva and I had a nice walk and enjoyed the view.

It was as you can see, absolutely gorgeous. It had a perfectly paved trail for bikers, walkers, and dog walkers. It is leash required however we did see off-leash dogs (Huge pet peeve! They ruin it for everyone.)

But what you can't see is that it was cold. Frigid in fact, and a balmy 28 degrees Fahrenheit! Extremely not typical for our part of the Willamette Valley. We used to never see snow and cold just lots of wet rainy gray weather. Well it looks like this year will be a repeat of last year, lots of snow for our area - which is anything over 3 inches, and lots of closed businesses because everyone is a complete idiot on the snow, unless you do snow sports or came from somewhere else. And cold pupcicles!  Our dogs love to play in the snow, but it is cold with them having such short hair.  

On a good note, DZ Dog dad and I are quite comfortable with snow driving, hopefully the idiots will stay off the road this year.

Black and White Sunday hosted by Nola and Sugar.


  1. Those pictures are gorgeous!! What trail did you go on? We just moved back and are in Gresham, right near Troutdale and the Gorge. It's been so cold and windy here. The weather is so weird. It was never this cold when we lived here before!


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