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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Summer 2015 Bucket List

Upcoming Summer Adventure Goals!

We were challenged by our friends over at Dogthusiast to post our doggy dream adventure for this weeks Adventure Dog Post.
We decided this would be a good time to post some goals for next summer - 2015.

Goal #1 - We will conquer Broken Top Mountain - Bend, Oregon

Broken Top, Bend Oregon  Photo Attribution: Shaylor via Flickr
Ahhh, her beauty. Last summer a girlfriend, Dante and I hiked to the top of the South Sister located in Bend Oregon. The South Sister is the 3rd tallest mountain in Oregon with an elevation of 10,358 feet she's also labeled as "Extremely Difficult". We got our @$$'s kicked to say the least. That story is located HERE and I got some awesome pictures!

As for Broken Top - she is a neighbor of the Sisters with an elevation of 9,175 feet. She's called Broken Top because she is an extinct glacially eroded stratovolcano, sound fun right?!

South Sister Summit, Bend Oregon

Goal #2 - Camping With The Pups!

We had every intention of camping this past summer with the pups but life went crazy as it usually does, and between family/friends moving, my sister going to France another to California and our late weather just didn't happen. But this next summer the hubby and I vowed that we will get it done! This goal however may be rolled into our hike to the top of Broken Top.

Photo Attribution: Paxson Woelber
Goal #3 - Doggy Agility Here We Come!

Well hopefully, so long as it is something Ziva enjoys. I don't necessarily mean compete, but I do want to build her self confidence and be a better team and I think this will be the best solution for us.


This post is part of the Adventure Dog blog hop, hosted by DOGthusiast,, and Tiffany's Diamond Dogs every Tuesday.


  1. It's hard to tell if Bain would be good at agility. I think once I'm able to really get through to him, he's more on the stubborn side with new tricks now, I do believe he'd do well.

    This is a great bucket list, you have so many neat places to visit! I need to work on mine for next year.

    1. cI totally understand, Dante and Ziva are also super stubborn like Bain...silly bullies. It was suggested to me that Ziva may have a low frustration tolerance (?? I need to research this I don't know much about it..). But mostly I think it just has to do with tricks aren't what they are driven to do when it comes to work - they'd rather pull, carry a weighted backpack, do lots of exercise in general, or work with toys than do tricks. I'm hoping that once we start agility, Ziva will treat it like an exercise and it will become a "job" that she wants/is driven to do since she loves to exercise and run. But she may not ever love it so much that we'd compete - i'm just not sure yet.

      But with Bain's favorite toy or treat you could get him to do fun tricks too with shaping! I'll be posting more of our fun shaping class stuff soon! :-)

  2. What a great idea! I should make a summer bucket list, too!

    1. You should! :-) I think it'd be fun to read other people's lists!

  3. Those are some really great goals! You will be busy for sure. Beautiful photos :)

  4. What a fantastic collection! I really should make a bucket list too (and it should include agility - such a big time investment though! I'd love to make it happen). And WOW broken top! Can't wait to see your photos from that, the South Sister images are amazing. Either one would whip my butt for sure - probably before reaching the summit!

  5. If you end up moving to Oregon, maybe you could join us next summer! :-) How awesome would that be?!

  6. What a great set of goals. You are so organized to be thinking about 2015 already!

  7. Sounds like you have a great summer to look forward to.

    One things we'll miss when we move aboard a sailboat next year is camping. Hopefully sleeping under the stars in the cockpit will be at least as fun.


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