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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sand Puppies

Sandy Pups! - Weekend Part 2
More of Our Dogtastic Weekend!

Sorry this took a while, the camera we are borrowing doesn't have wifi connection so it's taken a bit longer to get the pics up. 

Like previously mentioned on Weekend Part 1 - Mud Puppies, we really did have a fun weekend!
Saturday we played in the mud and Sunday we went to the coast!
Guess who joined us?

We got to doggy sit her while her family went out of town for spring break.

So I told the hubby, rain or shine the one thing I wanted to do this spring break was go to the coast. Sure enough we headed out to the Oregon Coast for it's typical wet dreary weather. But what the heck right? We were borrowing my mom's camera and wanted to play with it and the pups on the beach.
The first place we parked was just a nice State Park parking lot with rest area and beach access, so we headed down the trail took a quick peek at the beach and didn't see anyone else so we cut loose the dogs and just started playing.

But like I mentioned it was drizzling a bit. So we figured we'd head to the cove we could see just a bit farther up the beach. About halfway between the cove and the trail access to the car the heavens decided to unload upon our poor little heads a torrential downpour! Oregon style downpour.

So we began sprinting back towards the car, I almost couldn't find the trail because flash flood style it had turned into a stream! So I ran with Dante on leash because he hadn't been listening very well while we were playing, while Tex-Anna and Ziva ran hot on my heels making it back to the car. 

Sure enough we get to the car, my clothes were completely soaked through, my rain jacket was completely saturated, hubby's rain jacket was saturated, the dogs coats were get the idea. And somehow while it was still down pouring like a broken water spigot I had to get all 3 wet dogs into the car. Into the car wasn't the problem I was worried about it, was the shaking that would follow while they flung water droplets all over the interior of our vehicle. UGH....
So I tossed Dante and Ziva in quickly stripping them of their coats so they weren't too wet. Tex-Anna though? No such luck. As quick as I got a towel on her, it wasn't quick enough and soon the whole inside of the car was wet.

On a good note we did successfully cover the seats really well so the sand was contained!

A very sad me then climbed into the passenger seat and began to pout, sure it was my idea but honestly why couldn't the nice weather have held out until my spring break? I worked so hard to pass my classes last term!

Well my wonderful hubby cheered me up, reminding me of course that this whole thing was my idea. And really looking back I couldn't help but find it rather funny.
We then went out for a hot clam chowder lunch and glass of wine in Old Town Florence, Oregon. If you haven't been there it's a fun place to go with lots of great little restaurants and shops to look around in.

I'd recommend lunch at the Traveler's Cove, or Spice which is where we went for lunch on this trip. They make their own in-house chowders and have other wonderful dishes.

Despite being completely soaked we had a wonderful lunch, and just as we finished the sun came out! So we once again braved the beach. And it turned out great! It was a bit overcast but almost no wind, the tide was out, and we only saw a couple other people on the beach!

Ziva did a great job of sharing the tennis balls with Tex-Anna. I had 3 but Tex-Anna lost one, and she was mostly just enjoying chasing Ziva so we'd toss the ball for Ziva, Tex-Anna would give chase and then they'd both come back for more!

Dante on the other hand, Tex-Anna decided he play's to rough for old ladies and shortly after this shot decided his toy wasn't worth being chased for.

"In coming! Shark attack!!"

Ziva's swan dive!

We've worked long and hard on recall which is why we allowed the dogs off-leash. Tex-Anna we never have to worry about her running off because she is an amazing Border Collie, and in true Border Collie fashion she is extremely intelligent and listens amazingly well, she also has ZERO interest in other dogs, animals, bird, etc..and comes in an instant.

Our bullies on the other hand, it's mostly distractions we have to look for. Dante especially can just get carried away like a silly little boy and go on an adventure sniffing out a trail. We're working on him staying a bit closer while he explores.
He's a confident dog who loves to explore, we've been working a lot on his recall and always reward him for coming to us. On the other hand if I call him in and he ignores me - then I go get him. If I have to retrieve him then he temporarily loses his privileges and is put on a leash and has to follow me around.

Ziva being less confident likes to explore but is more interested in staying with the group. We've spent soo much time positive training with her that she comes immediately when I call, and because of such I have recently been able to call her off of chasing cats on several different instances, and was able to call her off of an obnoxious dog she felt the need to correct because he was harassing her and not respecting her space. I'm so thankful that all of our hard work with her is paying off! Her reactivity has become much less we're learning her triggers still, and she listens amazingly well off leash. 

More on Ziva's Reactivity issues we've been working on:, Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop, pet centricHeart Like a Dog


  1. Aww, sounds like you all had a wonderful time. There's nothing like getting into a car full of wet dogs. At least they weren't in the back seat with someone, like we have to do in our car (and have done, many times, after a romp in Lake Michigan.) Your photos are awesome! Very nice shots. Thanks for sharing with us! Glad everything went well.

    1. Thank you!! :-) We're researching a new camera and having tons of fun borrowing my moms!

  2. On a positive weather note, I find overcast makes for better pictures and you sure got some good ones. :) It sounds like you had a great time despite the downpour. Thanks for joining the Barks and Bytes hop!

    1. We were pleasantly surprised how well the photos turned out, thankfully it quit raining so we could bring the camera out! :-)

  3. Loved your pics and love taking dogs to the beach! Ziva's swan dive pic is pretty amazing. I also love that last picture of the three of them in the back of the SUV. Three happy and tired dogs. :)

    1. Thanks! They certainly slept well all the way home!

  4. wow that looks like a lot of fun! Found you on the blog hop, hope you will come by and say hello.
    A Happy Havanese

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Heading to your page now!

  5. They are all so cute! I bet it's awesome getting to see your former foster! I love the last photo of the three of them in the car! :D

    1. Thanks!! It was nice spending a couple days with Tex-Anna, on a fun note though she was adopted by good friends of ours so we get to see her semi regularly. :-)


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