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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

DIY Dog Survival Collar & Leash Set

Zombie Apocolypse!
DIY Dog Survival Collar & Leash Set

Halloween is coming! And it's Walking Dead time! 
We are huge Walking Dead fans, we always wait in anticipation for it to hit Netflix in October and then spend our weekends movie marathon-ing the episodes. 
Even the dogs are into it! I mean why not? 
They get to snuggle up to us on the couch while we bite our fingers and flinch with our eyes glues to the screen. 
My favorite way to watch this show is with Dante's big head in my lap (he's such a comfort!) Zombies? 
Ya, I think we could take em!

In the spirit of the season my hubby and I are also beginning to think about natural disasters, and the potential to be snowed in again this year. That means prepping. Now we aren't like some "preppers" who devote their whole lifestyle to prepping but we do like to be prepared and have a good supply of food on hand (this means pets too!), first aid, and supplies for if "the silly wife" (that's me) were to get lost in the woods.

Now I have a really good sense of direction, I grew up hiking around outside on different large pieces of family property, I have basic survival skills, and common sense. But I started thinking about this when recently a hiker in a neighboring state got lost in the woods with her two dogs for two days (Story HERE). And now I'm thinking, " pack needs repacking."

Why paracord?
Because it has tons of different uses!
Paracord is made up of a bunch of tiny internal strands, these can be pulled apart for sewing to repair torn clothing or gear.
Repair broken equipment by tying things together.
Makeshift tow rope - a single paracord can handle 550 lbs of weight, so a wrapped or braided piece can potentially pull thousands of pounds easily.
Tie down straps.
Clothes line.
Shoe laces.
A way to haul your gear up into a tree out of the way of animals such as bears.
Tie things to your backpack - a great use for your bracelet is to use it as a carabiner!
Makeshift leash.
Building a do a google search and you'll find more ways to use paracord than you can imagine!

Project #1! Paracord Survival Sets! - 
This stuff is awesome and has many uses, and when properly knotted it can be stored with minimal space needs!

Here is the video my hubby used to learn how to know up the paracord. 

How To Make a Paracord Dog Leash by, TIAT
The music is pretty awful, and since he doesn't talk i'd recommend muting the video and playing your own music.

It's a little slow paced but for beginners it is worth the watch because the creator gives you plenty of time to keep up. Some videos we watched went simply too fast to follow.

First off you need supplies:
Scissors, lighter, a bunch of paracord, and clips based on what you want to make.
For collars a buckle clip, and "D" ring to attach a leash is all you need. You can pick these items up at your local hardware or fabric/craft store.

Get to knotting! - These are knot (haha!) as hard as they look. 
It's a very simple knot, and once you get into a rhythm then it goes pretty quickly. If you mess up it easily pulls apart and can be started over.

If you would like steps or a better video, let me know and I can post more detailed instructions!

Ziva's Pretty in pink collar!

Dante got cool looking camo!
Matching 2 Foot leash - we like short leashes for certain occasions.
Creating a handle on the leash isn't hard either. For this you knot all the way out to the end, before you secure the end you decide how big you want your handle, at this point work a knot just barely loose enough to get the loose end through. Tie it off and you're done! My hubby prefers melting the ends as a way to secure the loose ends when done.

Looking good guys! Yes, the treat is coming after this last picture...




  1. I used to make hemp necklaces a lot, I'd love to give this a try =)

    1. I bet you'd be a natural at this then! Let me know if you need more detailed steps or a better video. :-)

  2. These are cute. My mom just got a bracelet made the same way!

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