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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pit Bull Gear Sweatshirt

Wordless Wednesday
Doggy Sweatshirts/Hoodies for Pit Bulls.

Guess who got a new sweatshirt! Ziva did!
Thanks Pit Bull Gear!

This is not a paid promotional post - we purchased this sweatshirt on our own and wanted to share our opinion of it with you!

"Mama what is dis that you put on my head...?"

Like I've mentioned in previous posts, my silly pups are very hard to fit when it comes to doggy apparel. 
Ziva is no exception.

I ordered a super cute hot pink sweatshirt for Ziva through a company called Pit Bull Gear. Supposedly their doggy clothing is meant to better fit the bully breeds that are otherwise hard to fit....hmmmm...
Well I followed their measurements/sizing chart and ordered little miss Ziva a size Large.

When it arrived the sweater was way too tight across her muscular shoulders and chest but fit perfect in the body, so I returned the sweatshirt and exchanged it for an XL. might have guessed it.

It fits perfectly across her chest and shoulders but is way to baggy around her tiny little waist!

Aside from that though, the sweatshirt is awesome! It's thick and cozy perfect for keeping her warm this fall/winter. The stitching and overall quality i'm happy with - being that I only paid $9.00 for it.

But unfortunately it is going to require me altering it just a bit for a better overall fit.
If my alterations are a success I would consider ordering from this company again in the future - knowing I will need to alter anything I get.

But again this has me looking at making my own doggy sweaters for my fur-babies..

Not an entirely accurate sizing chart. Part of that though is that she's just hard to fit...
Could use some more in-between sizes.

She was happy to wear it, didn't even mind the hood!
Love the color.
Great Quality for $9.00 doggy sweatshirt.

3 out of 4 paws
Bully Breed Approval!

I try to be "wordless" honest!!



  1. It's hard to find Halloween costumes to fit German shepherds too. The hoodie looks cool in the picture though!

  2. It's so frustrating isn't it? I tried to fit Sampson for a reflective vest for our wood walks during hunting season since he is the color of deer. It fit his big barrel chest great, but I could never get it tight enough around his tiny little waist. I'm curious to see how your alterations turn out.

  3. I've had the same problem with Laika's measurements, her darned chest is just too large. Even if it doesn't fit perfectly Ziva looks great in hot pink :)

  4. Shame it didn't fit. It's got to be hard to claim you fit bully breeds though, since their sizes vary so widely. Luckily they are pretty inexpensive so hopefully it's worth it to make the alterations!


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