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Friday, May 11, 2018

Silver Paw Pet Tags

Silver Paw Tags
Tough Tags for Adventure Dogs!

"We were sent Silver Paw Tags in exchange for an honest review. Dz Dogs only supports products that we feel are relevant to our readers. This blog contains NO affiliate links, all thoughts and opinions are our own."

Look what we received in the mail! Too small to be a dog treat...kind of looks like a jewelry bag. And just in time for Ziva's birthday!

When we were contacted by Silver Paws to test out their beautiful dog tags we jumped at the chance. Look at how beautiful they are!

Made in Maine, USA and started in 2010 - Silver Paw Pet Tags was inspired by two adventure dogs named Ruby and Jet who suffered from the same problem we suffer from. A sense of style and a rough and tumble high adventure lifestyle which sadly many tags don't hold up well to.

Either the contact info wears off, the tag turns black, or the loop wears through and snaps off.

Can you guess whose is whose?
I wish I had an example of the tags we have literally worn through and broken, but sadly when that happens and it has happened a couple times... all I notice is that it's gone when I go to clip a leash onto the collar. Thankfully both Dante and Ziva are micro chipped however I always want them to be able to call home should something happen.

With small, medium, and large tags Silver Paw has many different thick tags with stylish engraved designs to choose from, these definitely won't be wearing out in our lifetime! They are very deeply engraved in the front with their designs, and back with your contact information, and are guaranteed to stay readable for life.  

We ended up going with the size "medium" tags for both Dante and Ziva and they look great.

Made with yacht grade stainless steel due to it's unsurpassed hardness and non corrosive qualities these tags will stand up to anything you want to put them through including saltwater without dulling or changing in color.

All necessities in our case! The weather hasn't been quite warm enough to go swimming but it's definitely on the list, these tags claim to be beach/swamp/and field tested so we'll be putting them to the test on our upcoming summer adventures. We've already gone hiking and I like that they are quiet and don't clink around like some tags do. And they have been super easy to clean, I just rinse them under warm water when I clean Dante and Ziva's collars.

Speaking of which, I recently went to Boston to cheer on my mama who was running the Boston Marathon. She did great, which is awesome because if you were watching the news you would have seen it was the worst weather in about 20 years worth of the marathon. Constant 25 mph winds, with 40 mph gusts.. YIKES.  Anyways I came back with souvenirs for the pups! New collars, which of course needed new tags. And on top of that....

Guess who is five years old now?!

Happy Birthday Ziva!

I love how stylish and beautiful these tags are, which makes sense because the owner of Silver Paws got her start in jewelry before getting into engraving pet tags.

Ziva's Lotus Flower tag.
Go girl go! We recently tried out a new hiking spot which was awesome.

Thank you Silver Paw Tags! These are definitely our new favorite tags!

100% Dz Dog Approved!

Please give them a visit!
Click the link to head on over!

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