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Thursday, January 25, 2018

NaturVet Glucosamine for Dogs

Keep Moving!

"We were sent NatureVet Glucosamine from in exchange for an honest review. Dz Dogs only supports products that we feel are relevant to our readers. This blog contains NO affiliate links, all thoughts and opinions are our own."

One thing we have always taken seriously is the health and fitness of our dogs. Being overweight is just as bad for dogs as it is for humans, the biggest difference being that you get to choose what you put in your body whereas your dog gets to eat what you choose to give him/her, and you are in charge of also making sure your dog gets proper exercise.

I have a few pet peeves regarding this subject but we'll keep it simple for today.

What do we do to keep Dante and Ziva fit and healthy?

We Exercise!

We Rest.
Rest is important after a hard day of exercise.

We Eat Right!
We provide healthy food, treats, and Glucosamine Supplements for preventative care.

This month sent us NatureVet Glucosamine DS Plus MSM & Chondroitin soft chews to try.

One bottle is 120 - count and good for either cats or dogs.

A Few Things To Note - 

Like anything health related it is best to consult with your veterinarian if you have any questions, but also dig around and do your own research.

Why Do We Use Glucosamine?

When we first adopted Ziva she had a recurring limp that the rescue attributed to "growing pains" but after she lived with us a while her limp disappeared entirely and our new thought was that she was probably just playing too hard with the larger dogs at the rescue - our vet agreed, and we just took it easy on her baby joints taking care to not run her too hard when we played.

But after we got into agility her limp came back and after a trip to the vet we discovered that she has bad knees and the hard tight turns were potentially causing damage. On a good note, the vet said we caught it early and keeping her in shape would prevent a lot of potential future problems. She also recommended keeping Ziva on a supplement like glucosamine for preventative care.

Because she's kind of a ball monster when it comes to playing we have to monitor how long we play with her. She would probably literally pass out if we let her decide when to quit.

Look at those buff shoulders! Here at our new home she's getting a lot of hill sprints in.

We've tried a couple different types of glucosamine at this point and this particular one was kind of a strike out with Ziva.

Dante loved these soft chews!

Ziva on the other hand, definitely thought I was trying to trick her into eating medicine. Most of the time I could just pop the soft chew into her kibbles and she would eat it, but sometimes after she finished eating I'd notice all the kibbles were gone and what was left in her bowl was the soft chews. Naughty baby doesn't know what's good for her!

We tried a couple different games to combat this.

"The Mom Quick Switch"
Get the dogs super excited about catching some of their favorite tiny training treats and then slip in a glucosamine soft chew...Ya, that lasted all of once. Ziva caught it and promptly spit it out the second time round.

"Peanutbutter Fixer Upper"
Anything covered in peanut butter tastes better right? Well it's at least harder to spit out.

"Microscopic Mom Trick"
If it's broken up into microscopic sized bits then they can't spit it out right? Right.
Just not going to eat my dinner today mom, thanks but no thanks.

Everyone has their own preferences even dogs. We're going to finish our bottle but since getting Ziva to eat these soft chews has been a bit of a circus act I won't be using this particular product again.

Thank you 
for letting us try these out!

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