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Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 A Year In Review!!

A Year In Review

WOWZERS!! What a year! Now....where to begin.

OH right... we were living in a 19 foot trailer waiting to build our house!

It was a pretty crazy winter that rolled its way into spring, we had so much snow that we had to drop our awning to keep the snow from collapsing it, and even then we had to run outside every couple hours to knock the snow off! Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?

Somehow though we managed to do just fine, and the trailer stayed nice and cozy all winter.

In the spring, began our prep work on the house while we waited for the darn County to give us our building exception. In case you missed that fiasco the story is HERE.

Our exception came through in February, and we hit the ground running.

First Things First. We had to get our driveway up to code.

Then Came The Site Prep.

Lets just say we worked our tails off.

We officially "broke ground" as in started working on the house pad in March while we waited for our permits to come through. But don't get the wrong idea, we had no shortage of work. We took out a couple trees that were too close to the house, as well as some dead ones hanging around on our property (great news for us since we want the firewood!). We cleared brush to bring our property up to fire code - yes that's a thing. And we had to build up a corner of our pad where the house was going to sit since we're building essentially on a cliff on that one corner, which then had to be inspected. We passed with flying colors!

And then BOOM. Our builder had one group out after another getting our house put up.

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So while it was mostly about the house for 2017 and I know our posts were a bit few and far between, we still had tons of fun with the pups. 

We checked out the Oregon Rogue River Trail, at least part of it anyways. We definitely want to hike and camp the whole thing, maybe this upcoming June or late September since we won't be building a house.

We also made new friends!

Turns out our neighbors have dogs and love to hike too! How lucky could we be!

Just gotta say. These two here:

Are SUPER CHAMPS definitely the best dogs ever, for being young and active they were amazing living in our tiny pod of a house, all 19 glorious feet of it.

Thank you for sticking with us!

For a more full encapsulation of our house building project head over to our other blog-

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  1. Wow that has been a lot of work for everyone.
    We use to in a 40ft RV while house hunting.
    It was not large enough for just the 3 of us,
    but we made it work. We love your new place
    I bet you are so happy too.
    Happy New Year.
    xo Astro


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