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Friday, June 9, 2017

Our Favorite Products!!

Our Favorite Products!

It's time for a recap about some of our favorite things. So without further ado, some products we've been impressed with (in no particular order):

I can't say enough about how much I LOVE this backpack. It's a perfect fit because these packs are custom created for your dog. The weigh distribution is perfect, their are additional straps across the top so that you can tuck in loose items (Dante is carrying my sweatshirt in the above picture). And the roll top well, it rolls and can either shrink down or expand based upon what you need to fit inside it. I also love that this is a small US business located in Baltimore, MD. The owner and her husband are thru-hikers so they believe in a lightweight proper fitting pack - unlike the mass produced ones you find at your local pet store. We'll be getting Ziva her own pack when we start to plan our overnight adventures.

Convertible lengths, and capable of being worn cross body - this leash has become my "go to" leash and I take it everywhere! I can also attach it to both dogs at the same time and then I don't have to juggle two leashes when we go for a walk. It's AWESOME!! It also doubles as an emergency rope because it's made with paracord, my inner geek loves this feature.

We've had this toy since last summer and it's still around today! Granted being an "outside toy" it got the winter off to recover, but Dante loves this toy pretty obsessively and it's a great way to burn off his energy quickly without requiring a lot of space.

Another amazing product, our favorite features? It's rechargeable, water proof, machine washable, super lightweight, and doesn't impede movement! Besides being light up, it's very bright, has retro reflective straps, and different color modes/settings.

Dante is wearing the K9 overcoat in this shot, Ziva is in the Quinzee.
I love both of these jackets for different reasons. I have K9 Overcoats for both Dante and Ziva, they are not water proof, however they are water resistant on the outside, and fleezy cozy on the underside. They are easy to get on and off, cover the dogs chests nicely and are machine washable. We've had our Overcoats since 2014!! We use them all winter/spring, and are just now barely starting to show some wear.

Ziva is the only one with a Ruffwear Quinzee I found it on sale and couldn't pass it up! Ziva gets cold a lot easier than Dante does which is why we picked it up. The quinzee uses a synthetic insulation (kind of like down) and provides a lot more warmth than the Overcoats. This coat is also great for packing because it compresses down into it's own built in stuff sack.

I also love how consistent Ruffwear is with their sizes.

Dante is a 75 pound Boxer mix and he seems to always fit their size Large.
Ziva is a 45 pound American Pit Bull Terrier and she is pretty much always a size Medium.

We have had our life jackets since 2015! And they are absolutely fantastic! The handle on the back is extra reinforced and yes, I can pick up Dante with it (much to his DISLIKE I should mention!). Ziva is not a good swimmer and it provides enough buoyancy to help her to swim comfortably while also keeping her warm because she gets easily chilled. I also love that they come in bright yellow (they come also in red and blue) which makes it easy to keep track of Dante and Ziva not just for us but other people to see them. I'd like to get into kayaking and stand up paddle boarding with the dogs so these jackets will be very important as we begin our new hobbies here in southern Oregon.

I love that these are flexible making it comfortable for the dogs to move and run around, they are also easy to get on and off. The double velcro straps also help to keep the boots on during a lot of movement and running fun. Although the boots stay on really well, I do still check them when we're out to make sure that they are nice and snug.

I ordered the supersized box which is 900 count of these bags, and they are great! So far none of them have ripped or had holes in the bags (a super important feature for doggy poo bags), and they are lightly scented which I appreciate because they mask the stinky package that they hold.


  1. We have used the fresco poop bags too, and reviewed them awhile back. I appreciated how easy they were to open.

  2. Wow, you have some really great gear!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. I need to try those pop bags! I'll give you all a tip. I have seen so many gadgets for carrying the pop bags once you have pop in them, none of them made any sense to me to justify spending the money, I take an office metal paper clip and clip it to the leash of all 4 dogs and when they poop, I clip the bag to the leash and I don't have to worry about the bag or my hands


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