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Monday, April 24, 2017

HurriK9 Dog Toy Review!

HurriK9 is Awesome
For Fetch Dogs!

"We were gifted this HurriK9 toy and starter pack in exchange for an honest review. Dz Dogs only supports brands and products that we feel are relevant to our readers. This blog contains no affiliate links, all thoughts and opinions are our own."

So recently on Facebook I saw this awesome video for a new dog toy and I knew we just had to try it!

Image result for hurrik9

Well...while I thought it was a ton of fun to shoot, it only held Dante's attention for all of maybe ten minutes.

And Ziva? Nope. She's far to loyal of a Tennis Ball fan to play with any other toy so she'd only chase the HurriK9, no way was she going to put it into her mouth though and bring it back.

Since I was having no luck with them I decided to give my grandma's dog a chance to get in on the fun.

What Did She Think?

Fancy is my grandma's senior Australian Cattle Dog mix.

Playing with the "Extra Tough Ring"

Fancy Loved the HurriK9!

In fact while I was playing with Fancy, my uncle's dog Jasmine had to get in on the action as well!

Jasmine is my uncle's Miniature Australian Shepherd

A Little About The HurriK9

The HurriK9 is purchased as a starter pack, each starter pack comes with a launcher and your choice of rings. Either their Classic Rings or their Extra Tough Spandex Rings. And as you destroy or lose rings during playtime, you can purchase additional rings on their website.

The Classic Rings will launch up to 100+ feet.

While the Extra Tough Rings will only launch around 65+ feet.

Both the Classic and the Extra Tough rings are made of a NON-TOXIC foam that is safe for both dogs and children, and they were super easy to use! Even my grandma got in on the action with the dogs.

Playing with the "Classic Ring".
Our Thoughts On the HurriK9

While I was disappointed that both Dante and Ziva weren't really into the toy, I was happy to find out that for dog owners who want to try out this toy their is a 100% Money Back Guarantee if your dog just isn't into it and it's at no cost to you!

Ziva just won't play with anything other than a good old tennis ball. And she won't fall for the cheap colored ones either! It has to be either a Penn or Wilson brand, green, fuzzy tennis ball...and not a yucky crusty one either.

This is a great toy if you have a "fetch dog".

Fancy and Jasmine will chase and bring back basically anything you throw, they love balls of all different types, frisbee's, sticks, you name it they chase it and bring it back.

Dante on the other hand thought it was an awesome toy, until he realized that I wouldn't play tug of war with the rings and then he lost all interest.

The "Extra Tough" rings...could be a lot tougher!
As much as I liked the Classic rings because they launched better, they just weren't holding up the way I had hoped. We'll probably only ever purchase the Tough rings for this reason. After just one play session the Tough rings had some permanent teeth holes, and that was with Fancy (around 45 pounds) and Jasmine playing with them mostly.

Definitely don't leave the rings out, after you're done playing pick up your launcher and your toys and put them in a safe location. These rings aren't meant to stand up to being chewed on, they are meant to fly and be chased.

Easy to use & a great way to exercise your dogs!
If you have shoulder problems or difficulty throwing a toy, this launcher is awesome! It super easy to use and doesn't take much effort to pull back and launch the rings. You can also play with the launcher in your house!

Because you control the distance launched by pulling backwards on the handle, you can lessen the distance for some fun indoors on a wet day.

And Yes, It's Fun For Humans Too!!
Maybe it's just the kid in me, but I really loved playing with this toy!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun! The collies would chase it too, but I already know that they wouldn't bring the rings back. They never do...

    Great review!

    1. Hahahaha! Well that would be a problem for sure!


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