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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Girl's Best Friend.

Oh man! Spring in Southern Oregon is soo much different than the Willamette Valley. One of the things that's different is the rain, while we do get rain and people complain about it - it at least doesn't rain all day for a week straight like it did when we lived in the valley. 

Here it at least stops every couple hours so you can get things done, and we might have a day with blue skies for a few hours and then rain for a few hours. It's awesome! And we've definitely been taking advantage of getting outside.

We've also made some new hiking buddies! Please allow me to introduce, Kayla a Papillon mix:

Her mom, and her Cocker Spaniel sister Brandi!

Brandi and Kayla are kind of snarky older ladies, but we love them and they often invite us into their home. Ziva wants more than anything to be Kayla's best friend, but she doesn't seem to understand that Kayla views her as the annoying kid the way Ziva views other dogs. Brandi is a bit less snarky, but sometimes Dante and Ziva get a bit overwhelming so she'll go hide out on her bed. However when we hiked the dogs all got along splendidly!

Sorry it's a bit blurry! Silly me forgot my nice camera!
Since we were hiking on some super established forest service roads/trails I let Ziva zip around off-leash with Brandi and Kayla. Ziva has awesome recall skills and never goes far from me, same goes for Brandi and Kayla with their mom. We also never hike off leash in areas where we might run into other people, safety first you know! Dante on the other hand as you can see (not as strong of recall skills), found himself wearing the gentle leader because he was pulling so bad. But we're back to working on our walking skills and he generally is awesome about not pulling me.  

While I prefer to rely on training as opposed to tools like the gentle leader or the easy walk harness which we also have, I like having different options to help prevent myself from becoming the frustrated trainer, and to help the dogs continue having fun. He only wore the leader for a little while, and after he calmed down a bit I took it off and gave him another chance at not pulling me!

We LOVE our Rogue K9 Twine leash!!
Our hiking buddies have lived in Southern Oregon a lot longer than us, so they've been showing us some cool new trails to check out that aren't very populated which is what we like!

Here is another gorgeous spot we went to recently! The wildflowers are starting to bloom because the weather is finally getting warmer, and it is sooo gorgeous!

Stay tuned! More fun to come soon!!


  1. Gorgeous area & Yay for new friends

    1. Thanks Jill! We love exploring and seeing more of our new area. :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Nola! Next time I won't be silly and forget my camera!

  3. So glad you can get out and enjoy the trails.
    We still have rain and sun then rain again.
    xo Astro

  4. What a fun adventure!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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