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Thursday, February 16, 2017

What's In A Name? - Part II

What's In a Name?
Part II - Ziva

What's a good name for a velvety, pibble princess?

When it came time that we were ready to adopt a second dog Dz Dad and I knew we wanted a little girl who would complement Dante's rough and rambunctious personality (Ziva's Adoption Story HERE).

Her original name was Honey, which was nice enough but a little to cliche for us personally. Seeing her for the first time I remember looking at her as the rescue worked walked her over to us and thinking she looked like a ray of golden sunshine.

After spending time walking her around the outside of the rescue and taking her on a long walk we could see immediately that she needed some confidence building because she was rather skittish around strange noises. However like a true pitty princess she took to us really well and had a beautiful trusting personality. Later when we invited the rescue over to do their home check and have her meet Dante, we knew it was a match made in heaven.

Love at First Sight.

Ziva's first night at our home!
After our initial meet we struggled with finding the perfect name and ended up choosing Ziva which is a Hebrew name meaning: radiant and bright.

Just look at her! She's always smiling.

It's fun to look back through our blog and see how far we've come as a family.

Since adopting Ziva we've learned the amazing benefits of positive training and redirection.  My Reactive Dog - HERE  And NOT EVEN ONCE have Dante and Ziva had any disagreements over toys/treats they are perfect together!

We  also dealt with her MAJOR anxiety issues which were not fun at all, but the cool part? We figured it out! She no longer has separation anxiety and can be left uncrated while we are gone. I don't know what we would have done in our current situation if she still needed a crate, remember we're living in an 18 foot trailer right now while we build our dream home.


  1. I love reading about where dogs came from and how much they've accomplished. <3 You've done so many wonderful things for Ziva and she has such a blessed life with you. And I love her name! Much better than Honey!

    1. Thank you! We've definitely come a long way!

  2. We didn't know what Ziva meant. It is so fitting!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Sweet Ziva! Thank you for sharing her with all of us

  4. I'm still working on Bain's separation anxiety, it's definitely a lot of work. Ziva has come such a long way! What a wonderful girl.

    1. Separation anxiety can definitely be a challenge, but it's awesome when you come through the other side!

  5. Ziva's name fits her beautifully, especially after finding out what it means :) Great video of the pups playing together on Ziva's first day at your home. They remind me of Missy & Buzz when they play together.

  6. Ziva's name is perfect for her. Wise choice.

    And no, she's not a Honey. And I understand, as I meet dozens of dogs named Honey, how common and cliched it can be.

    My first choice for Honey's name was "Stella." Her breeders were named Painting so her AKC name would have been Painting Starry Nights in an homage to Van Gogh (Stella means star).

    It became obvious quickly she was no Stella. Honey suited her perfectly. And that's what we're looking for, isn't it? The right fit.

    1. Honey is the perfect name for her! I always enjoy finding out how people name their pups. :-)


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