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Friday, February 24, 2017

Merrick Big Brush Bones!

Merrick Big Brush Bones

Guess what time of month it is?  It's Chewy time! And it's National Pet Dental Month!

Did you know that dental health affects your dogs overall body? According to 85% of all pets have periodontal disease by the time they are three years old!

In honor of #NationalPetDentalMonth we wanted to share with you how we keep our teefs pearly white!

Our answer? Chews. Lots of them...

"Can I has it yet?" ~ Dante

Merrick Big Brush Bones
This month sent us a big bag of Merrick Big Brush Bones to try, as you know we stay away from certain ingredients due to allergy issues.

Other brands in this same category watch out! One of the first ingredients you might notice in competing brands is WHEAT.

Grain Free, Gluten Free, Made in the US.
The first thing that we liked about these chews is the ingredients, no corn, no wheat, and no soy! No artificial flavors. no artificial preservatives, and look and the list doesn't take up half of the back of the bag - less is more when it comes to ingredients!
Way to go Merrick!

These treats were designed to combat plaque and tartar build up cleaning your pups teeth and freshening their breath as they break apart and are munched.

You can buy your own tasty Big Brush Chews at right now an 11.7 ounce bag (10 bones) is on sale for $11.49.

And of course Dante and Ziva were thrilled that these made our list of acceptable treats.

Thank you Chewy for the treats!

"Big brush bones on my mind..."  ~ Ziva
Dante always has his serious face on when it comes to balancing a treat, I think he just wants to make sure I know it's serious business working for treats.

100% Dz Dog Approved!

"We were sent Merrick Big Brush Bones in exchange for an honest review. Dz Dogs only supports brand and products that we feel are relevant to our readers. This blog contains no affiliate links, we do not get paid for getting you to click on anything. All thoughts and opinions are our own."


  1. Wonderful review! Our mom wants me to balance a treat on my nose butt i said NO WAY!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. It's taken a while for Ziva to be ok with it! Practice makes perfect! But she hates the being patient part... LoL

  2. We clean our dogs teeth daily and give them moose antlers to chew on. 2 of them love the antlers & 2 don't. We can't use the chews you tried because 1 of our dogs is allergic to anything poultry and he is allergic to alfalfa.

    1. Oh bummer! We hate allergies, but you do what you gotta do! :-) Antler are awesome!


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