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Monday, October 17, 2016

Rain, Rain, Go Away.

Raining Cats & Dogs.

A day for snuggling.
In case you didn't hear, the Pacific Northwest was supposed to get hit by quite the storm! It definitely hit the Oregon Coast but it wasn't at all the magnitude that the media was crowing it was going to be. And here in Southern Oregon was more of the same. The news forcasted that we would have winds up to 40 mph. And while we can attest to the fact that it was a giant bucket load of rain, it certainly wasn't as windy as they had predicted.

Saturday 10/15/16 
It sure is getting tiresome having news media constantly calling, "WOLF!" Over silly little rainstorms.

Dante wants to inform you though, that it was definitely enough rain to cancel playing outside for the day. The rain came down in buckets! Our seasonal creek is gushing water, our pond is full, our small pond/water feature that we want to redo is completely full, oh and our patio area outside our trailer is flooded. Did I mention buckets of water? We took one step outside and probably sunk a full 4 inches into the ground!

Rain, rain, go away...
Ziva doesn't mind the bad weather though, it just means more snuggling. During a break in the rain though they were able to get some zoomies out!

Unfortunately though, zoomies resulted in Ziva breaking a nail again... so now she's on rest duty until it heals up a bit. It's still pretty painful right now, but their isn't much a vet can do since it's still attached. So in the meantime we're back to warm water/salt soaks, cleaning it and covering it at bedtime.


  1. Yup, time for dry skies!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    Pee Ess - Be sure to get on the Blogville Christmas Card list!! The deadline is FIRM!!

  2. We'll take your rain! It hasn't rained here for weeks and weeks, and our yard is one giant dust cloud now.

  3. I'm so glad your storms didn't turn out to be as bad as predicted! We're getting lots of rain here in NH now too, but it is very much needed, so we try not to complain when we're stuck indoors.
    It must be tougher stuck inside a trailer though!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets


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