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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dz Dog Demolition!!


I don't know about you but I love to destroy things probably just as much as my dogs. *guilty as charged sir!*

Funny how life works sometimes, but while Dz Dog Dad and I are amping up getting ready to break ground on our new home in another month, my parents just finished their house that they built for my grandparents and themselves. Being that the new house is "replacement build" the old house must now be torn down. So in exchange for free rent Dante, Ziva, and myself are getting to work!

First to go is the sheet rock and then the insulation, and of course I got to rock the power tools!

Next we ripped out the bathroom cabinetry, fixtures, sinks, tile, and outlets.

And from their, up came the floors!!

Way to go Dz Dad!!
You should feel privileged, this is a solid sneak peek into what our new construction blog will be covering next month!

The dogs of course are also hard at work, playing and running of course!

Their is no shortage of fun to be had at grandma's house.

Happy Not So Wordless Wednesday!!



  1. I love to demo things! I must have missed your posting about you building! How exciting! I can't wait to read your building blogs

  2. WOW! You've been busy haven't you? Congratulations on the sale. Homes are not really easy to sell especially during the warmer months. Please keep us posted on the construction - I love this kind of stuff!

  3. It's a big project, but you will be so proud and love you home so much more when it is done!

  4. The dogs are in charge of supervising the project right?

    1. Oh yes! And they are very picky little supervisors too!

  5. How cool, just like watching my favorite TV channel HGTV ;-))

    1. Oh yay!! That's my favorite channel too! "Fixer Upper", and "Property Brothers" are my two favorite things to watch. :)

  6. How exciting! I'm really looking forward to your upcoming, building adventure. There's nothing like building your own home!

    1. We're super excited!! It's going to be amazing!


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