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Friday, June 10, 2016

Digging To China

City Slickers to Nutty Country Dogs.

SO.....guess who discovered moles?  Yup this guy right here..

So the other day my mom came home from work and wanted to say hi to Dante. She called him over and he hesitated over what she thought was a toy that he didn't want to leave. Calling him again Dante picked up his, "toy" and went to say hello to my mom. My mom then held out her hand and asked for said, "toy"...

The screams from the driveway I'm sure could have been heard to the moon! Since it was my name she was hollering I went running as fast as I could to the front yard only to bust into a fit of laughter when I realized what had happened.

Dante had dropped a dead mole into my mother's hand. Oh to give anything to have seen her first reaction!

 What started out all fun and games has led to Dante digging, thankfully not out of boredom but because he wants to find more of these silly little creatures that come from the dirt!

You'll notice the lovely scratch on his nose? Digging for moles doesn't come without a cost, the mole scratched his nose up pretty good in several spots, and then later in the evening I went outside to discover in the matter of about 10 - 15 min Dante had dug himself a hole he could fit his whole upper body into! I'm calling it his hole to China, and he managed to rip off a toenail.  OUCH!

So a vet trip later to removed the last bit of attached nail, and we're back in business minus running. And let me tell you, Dante is not loving being attached to a leash. However his poor nail needs to heal and it certainly won't if he keeps busting it open.

So in the meantime, we are having twice daily warm salt water soaks to encourage healing, and then spraying it with Bactine to keep it clean followed by wrapping it when he goes outside.  

It is not easy slowing down a busy boy like Dante, but we're making do! We took a trip to our local vineyard with him though for some sympathy from the lovely staff and he soaked it all up loving every minute of the attention.

Wish us luck! This will be a long healing process!


  1. Loved the story about the moles and glad they get to have so much fun - that sounds like a great wonderland they get to romp in. Bummer about his toenail.... Tack did a similar thing, but tore only half the nail around Christmas time... And about a month ago shattered his toe - so he's been living it up trying to be a real pirate with a peg leg cast. So we are familiar with the "I'm bored" moans and trying to keep the active boy entertained... I sure wish they could watch movies to pass the time.

    1. Poor Tacky, it's tough waiting to heal up. He makes for a great pirate though!

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  2. Dantes is such a cute hole/mole digger!

  3. That happened to us once with a bunny. Leo was trotting around so proud of himself and I thought he had a toy stuffed hedgehog. When I reached for it... I got quite a surprise. Then he dropped it and the dogs got in a fight over it. Once we had them separated, the bunny was gone. Guess it wasn't too injured to get up and leave!

    1. WOW that's crazy! I would have felt sad if Dante had managed to get a bunny.


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