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Monday, May 2, 2016

Our Neighborhood

It's a Doggy World.

Now Don'te get me wrong, I love our nieghborhood! Well it's almost no longer our neighborhood being that our house sold and we're moving soon. But as I was sitting here drinking my hot occurred to me that i'm going to miss all of the comings and goings that have been part of our lives for so long.

Our Neighborhood Dogs.

7:30 am

Their is the jerk who has his small Corgi type mix that recently chased us on "Disaster Avoided". He typically walks the earliest around 7:30 in the morning or in the evening around 4:00 pm. 

8:30 am

Their are the Beagle twins that go out like clockwork to potty in the field around 8:30 am, the husband is cranky and usually refuses to even give me eye contact. But the wife is super nice and we wave and sometimes even chit chat outside. But usually they just walk out on leashes, potty, and go back home. Guess they don't like doggy poo in their yard, but at least they clean up!

9:00 am

An older woman with her Rat Terrier, we've never met but she always smiles and waves at us. They us a flexi leash, but her dog is a well behaved senior who really doesn't wander. They have a routine walk, they stick to the sidewalks for the most part and head home when they are done.

9:30/10:00 am-ish

Then we have the lady who walks her Doxie and lets it poop in my yard - a constant annoyance for me...the neighbor with the Shih Tzu who also poops in my yard. They let her out their front door, she takes off down the sidewalk, usually poops in my yard and runs right back into her house. Ugh!

We have some neighbors who are home all day, one with a lovely senior Blue Heeler named Sheba who is always following her human around like a little shadow, she's always off leash but never goes more than 5 feet from his side. Dante could learn something from her!

5:00 pm

Their is a senior Border Collie who typically walks in the evening around 5/6 pm. Dante and Ziva love her and we happily doggy sit her.

6:00 pm

I have a neighbor with a Lab/Rottie mix, she's a super adorable dog named Bella and Dante has a huge crush on her. They love to wrestle and chase but our schedules don't line up very well or we'd play more often.

A neighbor with a Jack Russel that sit in the drive while he works on his truck.

A neighbor with a German Short Hair Pointer who hangs out while her family does yard work or putter around in their garage - they have an immaculate lawn and garage that they work on all the time. To each his own right? I wish our homes had been a bit closer, we've met them on several occasions and I imagine could have become great friends.

7:00 pm

The psycho lab who I rarely see out, but avoid at all costs because they like to take him off leash. Usually they go out in the evenings and head to our favorite park to play some ball.

And last but not least we have the wanderers.

The Wanderers.

The wanderers are a couple dogs who are out at random times of the day because they never get walked that I can tell anyways. I just have to watch out for these guys when I go because they are yappy and never supervised.

We have a yappy pug mix that never gets out, unless it is to bark at me. He usually escapes from his home prison when the kids get home from school if they fail to latch the door properly.  I usually just shoo him home and knock on the door to let them know he was out AGAIN. Last time he barked at me all the way to my mail box! And subsequently barked at me all the way back to his house.

We have a neighbor with a yorki mix, she's a super fearful little pup. They just open their front door wide open for her, and she'll wander around 4-5 houses down from her own, do her business, and then take her time going back to her own house. It seems that they leave the front door open until she returns but they don't go out to watch her or even pay attention how far she goes.

And then our neighbors with a big German Shepard mix and a chihuahua mix, usually they are only out if the family is in the front yard. But the GS mix hates us and has attacked us on two occasions, and they are also never on leash, but at least they are halfway supervised.

Do you know all of the dogs where you live?


  1. I sadly don't know the neighbors or their dogs in my area. I made it a point to welcome every new person that came into the area with some welcoming gifts, trying to make friends, but it never worked in my favor. I can tell you that the guy the used to mow my lawn has 2 little dogs of some sort, they looked like maybe they are maltese mixed, and I have scoped them up many times and brought them home, teling him how dangerous it is being we have hawks and coyote and fox in our areas, but my words fall on deaf ears, then we have the asshole up the road who has a German Shepherd who they use an electronic fence to baby sit their dog and said dog likes to break through the fencing , and this has happened with other dogs living in the neighborhood so now we load the dogs up and take them to a trail to walk them.

  2. You forgot about Ziva and Dantes
    best friend ever KEKOA...HE MISSES THEM LOTS..!! :-)


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