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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Magical Training Treats

Freeze Dried Beef Tripe
Magical Treats

So after hearing horror stories about how tripe (although loved by dogs) smells like zombie breath, I must confess I have been a terrible mom and have not introduced my pups to tripe...Until now!

We were contacted by Raw Paws Pet Food to do an honest review in exchange for some yummy treats, guess what we got? 
Freeze Dried Beef Tripe!

And I am happy to announce it does not smell like zombie breath, it actually has a halfway decent scent. But boy did it catch the dogs attention, as soon as I brought the package into the house and opened up the layers, all three dogs were all over me!

The scent was so enticing that as soon as I walked out of the room, Jack stole the package! 
That little hound thief!

So if you think the package looks a bit rumpled, well it's because it was wrestled out of the mouth of a hungry hound!

Their are a number of ways you can give this to your dogs:

You can sprinkle it over their kibbles or raw food.

A meal fit for a pibble princess!

Or you can use it as a magical training treat! 
For Dante, Ziva, and Jack it was like training crack. 
I've never had such undivided attention from them.

I think I have discovered a high enough value treat to beat out the toys, and that is quite a feat for play driven dogs like Dante and Ziva!

The hound however will do anything for food, his absolute favorite up to this point has been cheese.

"Can I haves it now? Sorry, not sorry I stole the bag..."

"What ifs I begs for it?"

From hence forward I think it'll be a staple of ours for training in high distraction environments.

It's not to stinky for us humans.
Plenty stinky for dogs.
Freeze dried comes in small perfect nibble sized pieces.
Perfect sized if you want to portion it over a meal or use it for training treats.
Dry and doesn't leave your hands icky or greasy like most dog treats.
Healthy all-natural treat for your dog!

Hmmm..nope nothing here!

A couple of things stood out to me about this company, they support the healthy lifestyle of raw feeding for pet owners, and their mission is to make raw feeding affordable. You can read their mission HERE.

One reason we don't feed raw is the cost, but at some point we would like to switch and i'll definitely be keeping this company in mind. The second thing is how do you even begin to feed raw? What's great about this company is that they have a knowledgeable staff and offer many resources to begin your raw feeding journey including a feeding guide/schedule, serving size calculator, and a customized meal plan. 

And to top it all off, the meats (proteins) are USA grass fed and free range, they are free of antibiotics, no hormones, no additives, no GMO's, humanely harvested, and grain free! They offer a wide variety of protein choices, and a variety of healthy treats.  

I hope you'll check them out! And for those of you looking for new treats to train with, or who have a toy driven dog, definitely check out the freeze dried beef tripe.

100% Dz Dogs Approved

* was not monetarily compensated for this post, 
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  1. One of the Pros is that since it is tripe your mom probably won't eat it BOL! Just kidding, mom doesn't eat our food.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

    1. Hahahaha! Yup, I won't be trying these!
      I must confess though...when we did a review for PawStreet Barkery I did try the peanutbutter carob pup cups! LoL

  2. Mmm, nice, haha!!

    Those lovely soulful eyes scream 'give me some, please?!"

  3. We just heard of this new company today and will be looking into their products. My boys love tripe!

  4. LOL! I bet they did like those! :D

  5. What awesome treats! You can tell they love them by the expressions on their faces! I wonder if they're available in Canada here.

    1. I'm not sure, but it would certainly be worth looking into!

  6. Mmmh, freeze-dried tripe treats...our pups had the immense pleasure of trying some from a different company and L-O-V-E-D them! I just hopped over to RawPawsPetFood and took a look at their selection of fresh, raw food, since that's what Missy & Buzz have been eating for a little while now. I liked what I saw ;-) Thanks for introducing me to this company! (Gosh, I LOVE blogging!)

    1. I know right?! I love hearing about people trying new products and getting the inside scoop, much better than scrolling through endless amazon reviews. LoL
      I hope you like looking at their site! I'm definitely keeping these treats on hand!

  7. Wow, I love the sounds of this company! I think about feeding raw at times too, but for me it's more the work, though I haven't really looked into the expense part! Then again, we add so many supplements, etc., to our dogs' food now, that it's not as easy as it used to be anyway...LOL.
    We'll have to check these out for training treats.
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  8. Great read about the dogs Magical Training Treats ...

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