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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Dante is 3 years old!

Happy 3rd Birthday Dante!

Oh my dog, time flew by so quickly! We've now had Dante for 2 years! I can't even believe how quickly time has flown with this wonderful boy.

For how we came to adopt Dante, check out that story here.

Love at first sight.
Dante back when we had our foster Tex-Anna.
Dante was our first dog as a married couple, we waited until we had purchased our first home before adopting a dog. Before we adopted our Dante, we had Sasja and Tex-Anna, fosters, and rescues.

Dante is my beautiful brindle boy with amazing personality to go, I just want to say thank you, you idiots who got rid of such a great boy, because now we have him!

When we first adopted Dante he came with major separation anxiety, a couple DVD collections, books, and door trimmings later we managed to beat it with positive training, exercise and crate games.

Now he's 100% trustworthy, lovable, snugglebug, goofball, whom I affectionately refer to as my "Space Cadet". He's kind of like Kronk in Emperor's New Groove, not a mean bone in his body, he tries really hard, not stupid, but he's also not the brightest bulb in the batch.

But what he is: Dante is a wonderful Breed Ambassador.

Dante is my boy, he's strong and confident. He's my go anywhere, do anything dog, 100% stable and trustworthy. He loves other dogs, cats, and all people.

He's my adventure boy! 

He's not always the best on a leash right at first but that's because he is bursting with life and loves to do what you are doing!

My mom likes to borrow Dante when she goes running, he loves it and behaves for her, she's taken him as far as 18 miles! Now I don't need protecting, and Dante is not a protection dog, but I do feel safe and people tend to leave me alone when we're out hiking, unless they are dog lovers, in which case we love to meet them!

Gentle Giant.

Dante is also very gentle, he was terrified of the kitten we fostered last summer, I think he was worried about hurting it. And recently he found some baby bunnies, and i'm proud to say he (and Ziva) didn't hurt any of them and we were able to get them all safely on their way! One baby bunny has a crazy story to tell though because Dante licked it.  BOL!!

Just wanted to be friends, I don't know why mom freaked out!
Dante is a lover.

He loves his sister and all other dogs, he's always played really nicely but he's happy to wrestle with any dog who dares think they can best him! Tug of course though, is his favorite game, he'd play tug all day if he could!

Enjoy your time with your pups, because time is fleeting. 
Next month Dante and I are hiking Broken Top, i'm so excited!!


  1. Beautiful photos! Just lovely. What a wonderful post for a very lucky dog. He hit the motherload when he found you guys!

  2. Happy Birthday, Dante! What a great collection of photos...they show every side of his personality. He is so handsome and just looks like he's a big lovable nut at times!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

    1. He certainly is a nut! Thank you for the birthday wishes!

  3. Happy Birthday Dante you lucky boy!

  4. Happy Birfday Dante! We love that last picture but they all are wonderful!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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