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Monday, June 23, 2014

To The River We Go!!

Life is Good.

For the first time this summer season it was nice and hot here in the Willamette Valley. The weather was so nice we decided that it would be the perfect day to take the dogs to the river! Being bully breeds who have super short coats and almost zero body fat they get cold easy, so we try to only take them to play in the water when the weather cooperates or if the water is particularly warm (almost never find that in Oregon!).

They had a blast! Ziva has been to the lake with us only once before so we weren't sure how she would react to the river, but her brother on the other hand loves it! So with his enthusiasm she quickly jumped in and began to play too!

Being that the current is swift on one side of the river we were careful to keep them where the water was slow, and where my husband and I could wade in and stand without a problem but deep enough the dogs could swim. 

Also for safety reasons we had them both attached to a 100 foot leash in case they did get into the current so that we could reel them back in if necessary. Wouldn't want to lose my pups!

We ended up forcing them to take periodic breaks as we noticed them getting too cold. Poor Ziva was shivering so she had to sit out on the warm rocks while her brother played a little bit longer.

But they both did wonderfully!

Being a bigger boy, older and stronger we had Dante working a bit harder. Tossing his toy upstream in the edge of the current so that as he swam to his toy it would float down to him. 
Playing in the shallows.
Dante loves his floating Kong toy!!

Chasing her brother as he retrieved his toy.

Happy Dogs warming up in the sun after their swim time.

Towel time in the warm car.

And now its time for a nap!

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