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Friday, June 27, 2014

Guardian of the Kitten

Remember me mentioning Ziva's prey drive issues? 
If not you can check it out here.

Definitely conquered prey drive!!

Well I think that she has decided that the kitten is hers, and it was just too funny not to share it with everyone. I was lucky enough to get it on video!

The first time it happened I wasn't sure that I believed my husband. According to him Ziva was following the kitten around the house which is very typical behavior - she likes to make sure the kitten is being watched. On that note, I can always find the kitten because Ziva will be right there following from a polite distance just watching.

Well in this instance my hubby said that Dante (who is getting less scared of the kitten, yes I did say he was scared of the kitten...) was doing a nice little play dance but moving around too much. My husband was about to step in, concerned that Dante might accidentally step on the kitten when Ziva beat him to it! She flared her lips gently at Dante and stepped over the kitten blocking Dante from reaching her.

How awesome is that?!

Don't let anyone tell you that bully breeds/pit bull type dogs are born killers, its simply not true! But it is important to recognize that terriers were bred to have natural prey drive because they were used to hunt small game animals.
And yes with training you can conquer prey drive in SOME dogs, younger dogs are easier to work with regarding prey drive.

Ziva loves her little kitten.

Here's the video, enjoy!

A bit of background:
Dante is the more confident of our two dogs, he likes to regularly test boundaries to make sure that the humans are still the leaders of the pack. Ziva however is a natural follower happy to follow along after us and her brother, she's overall a quieter personality. We found it really awesome that she feels protective over the kitten but not in an aggressive way.

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