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Friday, March 17, 2017

Leprechaun Hunting

The Case of The Missing...
Halo Mix'n Mores!
As told by, Detective Dante.


Watch out! It's leprechaun season and those little tricksters are up to no good! Someone stole our Halo Mix'n Mores that Chewy ever so kindly gifted us!

But never fear, Detective Dante is here!

Right away I was hot on the trail of the little thief, the nose knows and mine is never wrong.

Well....almost never wrong.

Blech....not a leprechaun..
Little did I know it was an inside job! Ladies and gentledogs, meet the theif!! And it it none other than our very own Princess!

Now, if that's now a wolfy smirk then I don't know what is!
"We were sent Halo Mix'n Mores in exchange for an honest review. Dz Dogs only supports brands and products that we feel are relevant to our readers. This blog contains no affiliate links, all thoughts and opinions are our own."

Halo Mix'n Mores Salmon & Turkey Formula
Freeze Dried, Not Dehydrated Food Topper

First I want to start by saying, WOW! Look at these ingredients!

When it comes to ingredients we always believe that less is more, we also look for ingredients that are easy to read (i.e. I know what they are without having to do an internet search). With NO artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives and NO grains - Halo's Mix'n Mores easily passed the ingredient test with flying colors.

This is a food topper however, not designed as a complete meal. Which is something that we love!

Can I eat it yet?
Benefits of Food Toppers

- Food toppers are a fun way to mix things up, keeping your pups looking forward to the next goody that they might find in their bowl come meal time.

- For dogs that don't like having their feeding routine messed up,  (Dante doesn't like to eat his meals when we go out of town, it's both a combination of stress and excitement), food toppers are a great way to remind him that he is in fact hungry, especially toppers that smell as good as this one.

- If you have a picky eater, toppers are a great way to add variety and encourage your pup to clean their bowl at mealtime.

And Halo's Mix'n Mores are currently on sale at! A 6 ounce bag that normally retails at $17.41 can be purchased for $13.55 and you can get these toppers in several different flavors such as "Freeze Dried Cage-free Chicken", "Freeze Dried Beef", and of course our favorite "Freeze Dried Salmon & Turkey" which is great if you have a pet with allergies. 

Case Closed!
So that's it furfriends! The case has been solved, mom was on duty and helped to wrestle the goodies away from the Leprechaun Princess and she had to share.

Thank you Chewy!
100% Dz Dog Approved!

Happy St. Patty's Day!!


  1. You both are rocking the Saint Patrick's day outfits! Love the story

  2. Well done! If you need a mystery solved yous are the ones to do it!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. BOL, nicely done, Detective ;-) I'm just like you, I believe that less is more. Sounds like a yummy food topper!


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