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Thursday, August 11, 2016


Gone to the birds.

We recently visited the High Desert Museum located in Bend, OR. What great place! My favorite of course was the raptor center and we had to see their show while we were their. If you ever have a chance to visit this great place you should go! Raptors that are injured in the wild and can no longer survive on their own are taken here for rehabilitation and to help educate the public.

This gorgeous Golden Eagle for example was accidentally hit by a car, he has been rehabilitated with loving care and since he can no longer fly more than short stretches, has joined the High Desert Museum's Raptor program to help educate the public about habitat protection and to introduce people to a gorgeous native species that many people otherwise don't think much about.

Most people recognize the Bald Eagle because of it's national status, but the Golden Eagle is North America's largest bird of prey and can dive up to 150 mph! 

Other fun facts?
- These birds mate for life and love to nest in cliff sides.

- Females laying anywhere from 1 - 4 eggs that the male helps to sit on an incubate. 

- They like to eat fish, birds, small mammals such as ground squirrels and rabbits, but they've also been known to take down small deer!

Another favorite bird of mine that we saw was a Barn Owl, people need to be educated that when they use poisonous baits on rats and mice they affect their local raptor population. Barn Owls and other raptors eat the poisoned mouse/rat and then also die.

It's far better for our natural predators and the environment for humans to use things such as mouse traps, cats, etc to control local rodent populations rather than poison.

Isn't he gorgeous!

And last but not least! I have the wingspan of a Turkey Vulture!

Dz Dog Dad had the Golden Eagle wingspan!

So if you get the chance, to visit you won't be sorry! It's not dog friendly but you can bring your family, the kids will love it they have a desert critter section with snakes, spiders, and turtles as well as a fun otter facility!

Don't worry though the Dz Dogs had fun too! 
We took them on a hike, that story to come soon!


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