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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Silly Puppy

Silly Dog, 
Puppies are such a Handful.

Puppies are soo much work!
We adopted Dante at age 1 for a reason...hubby and I knew that we didn't have time for a puppy, they require constant socialization, monitoring to make sure they don't get into something they shouldn't, and they have to go potty constantly!

Well, now we have a big puppy. One who is currently going by the name of Jack.

See the problem is that he knows he's cute. Look at this mischievous little grin he has!

To be honest with you guys, he is driving me INSANE!

I like him and all but not being able to exercise him for 7 - 10 days is not only giving him cabin fever but he's starting to give me cabin fever just watching him. Earlier today he did some zoomies around the kitchen before I could stop him (vet says no tell Jack that!) and then he pounced on one of my couch pillows and proceeded to attempt to rip it apart right in front of me! DUDE! Seriously?! Well mister naughty pants then got a timeout sitting next to me on a leash while I worked on homework.

Did I mention we weren't planning on fostering until I was finished with school this June? Oh well, a dog in need and there we were!

I'm extremely thankful at this point though that we did decide to foster him rather than turn him into the humane society. I know the good folks there are just doing their best but he would be ruined in that environment, and his neurotic tendencies would just worsen instead of improve - which I have to remind myself, we are seeing improvements!

He has figured out crate training really quick!
In fact he enjoys just going in on his own, but sometimes if he's being too rambunctious for a recent surgery patient we put him in his crate with the door open - and he stays! Woo Hoo! And he also calms down.

Today was Jack's appointment with our regular vet, our vet looked at his incision site (it looks great!) we had a heartworm test done (he's clean!) , and we had him micro-chipped! Now we just have a few behavioral issues/training to work out and he'll make a great family dog! And our vet confirmed Jack is about 1 year old.

Silly Boy.
Jack is such a puppy, he is bouncy, silly, has random moments where he chases his tail, and he likes to make sure to get on every one's nerve just a little bit.
Poor Dante as soon as he walks away from his horn it is stolen, Jack then does a silly little prancing dance to show off his newly stolen prize.

He is no longer mounting - or at least not today anyways. Another small victory for us! But he is still an obsessive licker, and I do mean licker.

He licks the floor, the couch, the blankets, the dog beds, Dante, Ziva, me, and pretty much anything else he can get his tongue to. It's still a bit of an arousal issue for him, but we're hoping that it too will diminish just like the mounting has done.

The troublesome twosome! Watch out world, here they come!

This has been a great experience for Ziva so far. She has really warmed up to Jack and now he gets to enjoy her loving face washing's just like Dante after mealtime. And they love to play bitey face games, and have been really gentle with each other so far.

Overall he's been a good boy and we've been really lucky he isn't a dog that loves to destroy things.

Jack still doesn't trust us completely but it's getting better, and his "come" is still not even close to where we would like it but for only having had him for a week i'd say we're making great strides!

Jack is super smart, he's just a little bit of a space cadet. He has "sit" figured out really well, and his eye contact which was lacking when we rescued him last week is now 100%. When he wants something he makes a point to sit super, duper, fast and looks with his piercing eyes right at you.

It's funny, regarding his eyes. I think he looks kind of exotic, a friend of mine said he creeps her out. Some people when they see him in person are put off because he looks, "Scary or dangerous".
In different lights his eyes are almost white, in direct sun they look more blue, and in the dark his eyes seem to glow.

He's kind of a magical dog, don't you think?
What kind of impression do you get when you look into his eyes?

"You will hand over the treats, you will walk away, you will never remember handing over the treats, you will then give me more treats..."
"Look closer, right into my will give the puppy treats..."


"Well, maybe that was too close."

Stay Tuned! More Silly Puppy Updates to Come Soon!

And hopefully he'll keep healing quick so we can run him out next weekend, walks just aren't enough to make this guy happy!

And guess what?! We were featured by Rascal and Rocco! Thanks guys!!


  1. I think his eyes are cool - he's a handsome pup. If you don't decide to keep him I'm sure he'll find a good home soon.

    1. So far we're still leaning towards adopting him out, we would like to continue fostering dogs but 4 I think would be too many for us. Our backyard isn't as large as we'd like. Three is fine though. The plan is once we've worked out a few of his issues like running away (he likes to play hard to get and has terrible recall), anxiety, leash manners, then we'll start looking. :-)

  2. Puppies are a lot of work, but Mom loves to shape us from the beginning. At some point a puppy will be too much I'm sure. Glad things with Jack are going so well. He is truly lucky.

    1. Thanks Emma!
      Shaping from the beginning would certainly have been easier, as opposed to starting with a 1 year old with no manners. :-) But Jack is the same age Dante and Ziva were when we adopted them, so I know we'll make it!

  3. Precious photos!! Bless. How handsome indeed.

  4. I think he's adorable! But the white part of his eyes almost makes them more human than dog-like, which is a little weird--but since I'm pretty sure every inch of Barley has come from a different type of dog, I like weird :)

    1. You know...I never thought of it that way. Maybe that is why some people find him so freaky to look at? His eyes look white depending on the lighting! When he's looking at you, you sure know it.

  5. I think his eyes are beautiful! And I love his brindle fur. I'm quite smitten with him, actually.

    1. He is easy to fall in love with, he's quite the character! :-)

  6. His eyes are kind of mesmerizing or hypnotizing, aren't they?! He looks so relaxed in his crate!

    1. I do think they are mesmerizing! :-) Such pretty eyes...I think the first time that Jack met and didn't like my hubby, had to do with the fact that hubby couldn't help but look at Jack's eyes.

  7. Yeah, I went right to the hypnosis thing too.

    Jack's licking may settle down in his new home. I fostered a dog who was well socialized and sweet. But he scratched--alot. Because he stayed with us for several months, he eventually stopped the habit. But when things got stressful at his forever home (thanks to a move) the itching came back.

    Licking sounds like it might be a nervous habit (as well as a way to bond and show affection).

    Jack is one lucky boy to be staying with you.


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