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Friday, January 23, 2015 - Is a Thief!


NOTICE: If this post appears anywhere other than
then be aware that it was illegally stolen. No permission is granted to copy any DZ Dog Adventure posts. This notice applies specifically to the site They absolutely do NOT have permission to use any of our photos or content.

It was brought to my attention that someone is stealing blog posts from myself and fellow pet bloggers. Upon looking into this issue the offending site seems to be coming from Egypt. I am currently in contact with a few other pet bloggers whose info was stolen and we are working hard to have this website dismantled.

Here is what you can do if your content is also being stolen.

The website is held through GoDaddy, they have a Legal Section with information for filing a copyright infringement.

You can also submit a DMCA notice through google and you can report the copyright infringement through Google HERE:

Here is what we did:

- Submit a legal request
- Choose blogger
- choose "issue not mentioned above"
- violates my copyright
- pick your infringment and then submit a form

For the form submission the top two boxes are about you, then you are supposed to input specific url's where your work was stolen from. I used the top box to show it on my page and then submitted the correlating stolen url in the submission box at the bottom. I ended up doing about 6 because so many of mine were stolen. And then in box #2 I described my blog and mentioned how many more of my posts were also stolen.


  1. There are thieves everywhere anymore. Nothing is sacred.

    Have a woof woof day. ☺

  2. The person who registered that domain gave an address in Giza, Egypt, to GoDaddy.

    Who Is data for ur-dogs-training:

    1. Thank you! I was looking at Whois for the information I found, but the GoDaddy link you sent me is more thorough.

  3. Yeah, I've been having such a fun time today since you contacted me about this!! UGH! I can't believe they've done this to us! :( Thank you again for letting me know!

  4. It's awesome that this post appeared on that site! LOL! Hope they get shut down quick! Rascal and Rocco

  5. I did this. >>

  6. Experience, what a teacher, eh?

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley


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