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Flashy Friday! Week 2 -  "Spin" Whew! A whole week between posts, sorry guys! Like I've mentioned before we're pr...

DZ Dog Mom


You've all met my dogs, we also have two cats, and I thought maybe you'd like to learn a little bit about me (or not, your choice!). My husband works full-time and I work part-time.

Together we train dogs as a hobby, we don't have time to do it full-time at the moment or we would. We've helped many friends, family, and neighbors with their dogs. We enjoy dog behavior and body language, so by train I don't mean tricks - we help people learn to work with their dogs and be strong pack leaders. We train the humans mostly.
Together, my husband and I have worked with fear aggression, food aggression, dog aggression, leash training (heel), crate training, basic commands (sit, stay, bed, down..), bicycle training, and more.

My husband loves urban joring - in his case this is where Dante pulls him on roller blades. I enjoy playing with the pups, walking, hiking, and biking them etc. Any excuse to get outside really! I love my dogs and cats too! I've grown up around dogs my whole life, and my grandma always had a pit mix of some sort and I've never had a bad experience with a bully breed.


Together we've had a senior German Shepard named Sasja (Sasha) - she was a retired K9 bomb detection dog - her family and partner was moving to another state for potentially a whole year and due to health concerns they asked if we could care for her either permanently or until she passed over the rainbow bridge. She was an amazing dog and we taught her lots of hand signals, she ended up passing away in our care at the grand age of 13.

Sasja, Tex-Anna and I a few years back.

During Sasja, we had also had a Border Collie named Tex-Anna. In case my family reads this...all you need to know is that she had once been loved, and then fell into the hands of an abuser. We rescued her from a bad situation and she needed lots of work before she became a sweet old soul.
Tex-Anna's Story HERE.

During this time we found Dante.

Tex-Anna's story ended happy. As it turned out she was not a good match for us, she didn't like Dante and was terrified of our hard wood floors. But with all the hard work we put into helping her we couldn't just give her to anyone. Luckily for her, she is now living with some amazing friends who have small children for her to love and adore and she spends her retirement days playing ball, being brushed, and spoiled.

After Tex-Anna found her forever home we decided that Dante needed a buddy, and after a lot of hard searching and meeting lots of dogs we finally found our little girl - Ziva.


First day at our house!
Ziva's story HERE.
We decided that bully breeds are the perfect breed for us, we want to be good breed ambassadors and change people's minds about these great dogs. Bullies are not for everyone though, they require lots of exercise, discipline, and training. They are stubborn, tend to have high prey drives, are banned in certain areas and require constant socialization. They are also lovebugs, major snugglers, loyal, great with children, love people, and will give you lifetime of friendship.

We are bully breed advocates, we are against breed specific legislation and support holding owners responsible for their individual animals. We also promote pet health and safety.

Together our goal is to break breed stereotypes, show responsible breed ownership, educate others about dogs, and help people to forge loving and lasting relationships with their own dogs.

Someday we would like to own a large piece of property and foster dogs in need, helping give unwanted animals a second chance.

Through this blog you'll hear our stories, share in our experiences, and learn about training tips that have helped us.

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