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Handsome Eddie!!

Eddie is a 9 year old Rottie/Lab mix, he is up to date on all of his vaccines and was just in to the vet for a full senior screening including blood panel and has has a clean bill of health! He has a couple old man bumps (or so we call them) the vet checked those out too and said they were just fatty lipomas and nothing to be concerned about. He's 100% healthy!

Eddie loves other dogs, is also cat friendly and great with small children! He is a very sweet and patient dog looking for a family with a cozy bed who will love him forever.
He needs about one good walk a day to be happy and then he just wants to snuggle. He has awesome house manners, and is learning to walk nicely on a leash. Eddie has no food or toy aggression/no resource guarding issues and we have him on a healthy diet with glucosamine supplements for long term health.

Message us if you are interested in adopting!
We are asking a $150 adoption fee to help cover vet costs, and we will be doing a home check to ensure that he goes to a loving home!

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